Shortly before the presidential elections in April, the French government passed a law at the end of February that allows women to have an abortion up to the 14th week of an unwanted pregnancy.

In Norway, proletarian revolutionaries are developing a powerful mobilisation campaign for International Women's Struggle Day on 8 of March. Especially in the Norwegian capital Oslo, actions have been developed that uphold the proletarian spirit of 8 March and put proletarian feminism in the foreground. We hereby give a small overview of the actions that have been made and published by the Norwegian comrades of Tjen Folket Media and recommend our readers to check the site regularly.


In Oslo slogans have been painted with the text “Proletarian feminism for communism” and “For a class line in the women’s movement”, additionally a wall painting has been shared with calling for a demonstration on the 8th of march.


France's Interior Minister has announced that the left-wing internet platform "Nantes Révoltée" will be banned. The internet platform has existed for ten years and is accessed by millions of readers every month.


On February the 6th Kampkomiteen marked the Day of the Same People in Kristiansand together with other organisations to express their solidarity with the Same people and to condemn the reactionary Norwegian State’s treatment of the of the Same people. After the demonstration a social gathering with multiple speeches were held.


On 8 February, the dockworkers of the COSCO group in the port of Piraeus went on strike for the second time. There had already been strikes in October, November and December last year, triggered by the death of a colleague who died in an industrial accident. The workers demanded more safety at work and better health protection. Already during the strike last December it was said that: "...we are now mourning one of our colleagues, while hundreds more are suffering from health problems due to the intensification of work and inadequate hygiene and safety measures". Of the 2,200 workers, there were only about 50 strikebreakers who showed up for work. The rest of the workers participated in the strike.

In Galicia, proletarian revolutionaries carried out actions on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the TKP/ML. Thus, dazibaos were hung up and paintings were made, especially with the slogan "Long live the people's war in Turkey!" decorating the streets of Galicia.

In the midst of the class struggle, the TKP/ML was founded on 24 April 1972 under the leadership of comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and the People's War was ignited. Comrade Kaypakkaya had been leading the struggle for the implementation of Maoist principles since the 1960s and it was on this basis that the TKP/ML was founded under his leadership. Only about a year later, on 18 May 1973, Kaypakkaya was assassinated after months of torture because he refused to cooperate with the reaction.


In the fall of 2021, Danish Housing Minister Kaare Dybvad (Social Democratic Party) introduced a bill that will enable the reactionary Danish state to evict entire families from their apartments for trifles. Social housing associations will thus be obliged to terminate leases and evict entire households from their apartments if even one of the residents has been convicted of a crime. This law comes against the backdrop of the so-called "ghetto laws" that have already come into force in Denmark in 2019.