After atweet was published at the end of September denouncing that a rape victim at the police station in Montpellier was asked if she did not enjoy it, the accusations against the French police do not cease.

Agitation of the past weeks in the streets of Galizia to honer comrade Martin Naya.

Honor and glory to comrade Martin Naya!
Comrade Miguel Alondso lives in the struggle!

120 friends, family members, comrades and democratic activists gathered on October 13, 2021, in Sweden‘s Capitol Stockholm to salute and send off Turkish revolutionary Musa (Mustafa Yavuz). Throughout his life, Musa took firm position for the revolution, preserved his revolutionary personality throughout his life and acted according to his convictions:

The 17th of October marked the 60th anniversary of the massacre of officially 48 Algerians killed by French police during protests in 1961.

Here we want publish an article that appeared on anti imperialst action

The Facebook page of the Socialist Republican Organisation Anti Imperialist Action Ireland has been again removed in an act of political censorship.

Since 2009, the French gendarmerie has been under the control not only of the Ministry of Defence but also of the Ministry of the Interior.

In the past 70 years, Catholic priests, religious and church employees as well as other people in Catholic schools or e.g. holiday camps are said to have abused up to330,000 children in France.

We document pictures from Berlin Wedding that were sent to us.