We document a report sent to us about a demonstration in Berlin-Hellersdorf.

After German EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen went to Ukraine's Butsha last week to see the effects of the war for herself, she fuelled the Ukrainian government's hopes of quickly joining the EU.

We reproduce an article from the revolutionary newspaper Rote Fahne from Austria. The article has only been published in German and this English translation is from us.

 On 18 March, the International Day of Political Prisoners, a rally took place in front of the Indian Embassy in Vienna. It was part of a worldwide campaign to defend and release India's political prisoners.

Once again there are protests in Chania (city on the Greek island of Crete) against the NATO base located there. This time the anger of the population was sparked by an attempted rape of a 14 year old girl by a US soldier.

C. Henrique

The Progressive Chimera of Opportunists and Revisionists and the National Liberation War of the Ukrainian People and Nation

From the platforms of the opportunists and revisionists, the defense of lackey governments or even second-rate imperialist powers has been propagated for a long time, as if this were an effort in the anti-imperialist struggle.

We document pictures send to us of leafleats for the antiimperialist week of action of the CPI(m) being destributed in Berlin Hohenschönhausen.

It was predictable and now, at the latest, after the war in Ukraine has been raging for a good four weeks and thousands of refugees have reached the FRG, the debate has begun on how best to use them. Imperialist chauvinism is unleashed freely and unbridled these days. Various business associations are calling for the rapid "integration" of refugees into the German labour market. Meanwhile, the Federal Minister of Labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD), has also announced that he wants to get the Ukrainian refugees into the labour market quickly. There is a labour shortage in many sectors, he said on 18 March.