We publish a call for a manifestation that will take place in Paris on the 24th of september and an unofficial translation of it that was sent by us. You can find the original call here, for a german translation click here.

Finnish comrades did an solidarity action with the accused Brazilian lawyer Lenir Correia Coelhon in Tampere.

Comrades have made a painting in Tampere that reads in Spanish "Long live the struggle of the Ecuadorian people!


Due to seven women being killed by male partners in the first three months of this year, a demonstration was called for against violence against women.

Yesterday, 20 June, 70,000 to 80,000 people demonstrated in Belgium's capital Brussels in the course of a strike against inflation. The cost of living has also risen massively in Belgium in the wake of the economic crisis, which was first accelerated and intensified by the Corona pandemic and now by the war in Ukraine. Inflation in the country is now at 9 per cent, a few per cent higher than here in Germany. Food and everyday consumer goods are more than 30 per cent more expensive than last year. The Belgian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has reduced taxes on gas, fuel and electricity, but this does not compensate for the general price increases.


Tuesday on May 31st Kampkomiteen in Oslo held a public meeting on the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, the role of Zelensky and why it’s right to support the Ukrainian people against Russian imperialism. The meeting was followed by an open political discussion.

We are documenting a report by comrades from Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland on the occupation of two vacant houses in Dublin and the struggle for a revolutionary standpoint in the housing movement.