We document a picture of a painting, that was send to us.

We received a translation of a report by comrades from the Spanish State about actions on the 25th of November, that we want to publish. You can find the original report here.


Kampkomiteen has put up posters for markations of the International Day Against Violence Against Women, November 25th. Posters were put up in Trondheim, Stjørdal, Malvik and Kristiansand.

More than a third of students in Germany were threatened by poverty last year. The Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden reports a share of 37.9 percent for this population group. According to the report, students living alone or in shared flats are particularly at risk. Of these, 76.1 per cent, or three quarters, were at risk of poverty.


Last week it was confirmed once again that the Irish freedom struggle is far from being "pacified" as a bomb exploded near an police patrol.


The mayoral election held on November 13 in the "Hanseatic and University City of Rostock", once again underscores the trend of increasing rejection of the bourgeois electoral farce by the masses.


Since the beginning of October, production has been at a standstill at 'Teigwaren Riesa'. The once largest and famous pasta factory of the GDR is located in the district of Gröba, where in a harbor the Döllnitz flows into the Elbe, of the city of Riesa, a city of just under 30,000 inhabitants in the Saxon district of Meißen. At 12.51 euros, workers there earn only marginally more than the federal minimum wage.