Kampkomiteen has put up posters for markations of the International Day Against Violence Against Women, November 25th. Posters were put up in Trondheim, Stjørdal, Malvik and Kristiansand.

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Leaflets were also distributed in Kristiansand Centrum in a demonstration in support of Iranian Women.

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In Tampere, on November 25th, a demonstration was organised for the International Day Against Violence Against Women. Before the demonstration hundreds of posters and leaflets were distributed to announce it. At the Demonstration three speeched were held and many masses stopped by to express their support and talk to the organisers after the demonstration.

The demonstration started and ended with the following slogans: ”Down with imperialism and patriarchy!”, ”Long live Proletarian Feminism!”, ”Unite under Maoism!”.

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In Denmark writing on the wall of the proletarian neighbourhood of Blågården has been spotted. The slogans says: ”November 25th: Women, combat and resist!” with a hammer and a sickle.

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On November 25th proletarian revolutionaries distributed leaflets against violence against women in a proletarian neighbourhood with a red flag with a hammer and sickle.

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Poster were put up on the occasion of November 25 – International Day Against Violence Against Women, as well as poster in support of the comrades from Corriente del Puenle Sol Rojo in in Mexico were put up in multiple proletarian neighbourhoods and public places.


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Blågården/Blågårds Plads:

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