We received with some delay a report on a solidarity action in Paris on the 29th of January 2024:

The months-long debates on the federal budget 2024 and the financial planning until 2027 again show the weakness of the government. The same applies to the outcome of these disputes, which is to be immediately heard by Parliament.

In the past few days, the Berlin Senate, led by the new black-red government (which agreed on a coalition agreement under the name “The Best for Berlin”), published a first draft for the allocations for funds available to the districts in the years 2024/2025. The district of Neukölln has hit it particularly hard, in a communication from the district council of Wednesday it said: “[...] the district office of Neukölln for the financial years 2024/2025 [miss] per year 22.8 million euros to hold the status quo.” The district then presented a strike list that shows how the rulers does not care about the situation of the neighborhoods.

Nine chosen people meet and decide how high the minimum wage should be. Three representatives of the bosses, three union officials, two scientists and a chairman - the SPD-affiliated lawyer Christiane Schönefeld - this is the minimum wage commission set up by the state. This exclusive circle then determines the wage development of over six million people. Around 1/4 of all jobs are based on minimum wages - about twice as many as in 2015 when the minimum wage was introduced.

German imperialism is working on various crisis management strategies. One of them is immigration.

Three estimates were made and still the final result was a minus. Again. The gross domestic product in the euro zone fell by 0.1 percent compared to the previous quarter, Eurostat announced last Thursday. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the euro economy had also shrunk by 0.1 percent. Here, too, the data were revised after stagnation had previously been identified. Thus, the entire eurozone is in a "technical recession," following the dominant imperialist power of the EU.

30 years after the arson attack in Solingen on May 28, 1993, a child died in a burning refugee camp in Apolda, Thuringia last Sunday.