Punalippu reports that on the Finnish day of Independance, where fascist demonstrations and ”white marches” traditionally have taken place. This year an illegal fascist demonstration took place and was greeted by proletarian revolutionaries who shouted the slogans; ”Death to fascism, freedom to the people!”, ”No peace to the fascists!” and ”International Solidarity! Proletarian Revolution!”.

According to recent studies, domestic violence in France increased by 10% last year, affecting 159,400 people in precise figures, of which 139,200 were women.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Chairman Gonzalo and the founding of the People's Liberation Army, a painting has appeared in Berlin Hellersdorf, whose sent pictures we document.

A general strike took place in Martinique, which is located in the Caribbean but belongs to France, at the end of November. Different demands were made by the trade unions.

On the 25th of november, the day against violence against women, a grafitti appeared in Berlin Marzahn.

According to recent studies, there are about10,000 underage prostitutes across France, a tenfold increase in the last five years, and the majority of them are around 15-year-old women.

We publish here an article from the anti-imperialist action ireland

Earlier this year, as part of a British directed effort to put pressure on the European Union, Loyalist paramilitaries began a campaign of rioting, destruction, and intimidation.

Back in October, many midwives in France started protesting and striking. The protests and especially the strikes are still going on, with interruptions, and more and more midwives all over the country are joining it.