Actions also took place in Austria as a result of the war unleashed by the Russian imperialists against Ukraine. Progressive forces condemned the war and also the proletarian revolutionaries from Austria unfolded actions against the imperialist war. We want to give some impressions of the actions in Austria and share some pictures.

The NATO summit of member states' defence ministers held on Wednesday the 16th of March again decided not to send soldiers to Ukraine. Poland had advanced a proposal to station an armed NATO peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. This proposal was rejected by the other defence ministers because the danger of an escalation of the situation was too great.


Kampkomiteen and other revolutionaries have marked the 8th of March together in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Kristiansand. Activists from multiple cities as well as comrades from abroad contributed to raising the red flag on the 8th of March against imperialism and patriarchy.

Fighting continues in Corsica. At least 67 people were injured in the city of Bastia on Sunday, including 44 security forces. Authorities speak of "extreme violence". Police used tear gas and water cannons. France's Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced new rounds of talks on more autonomy for the island in the wake of the clashes.

Last week, a rally and a demonstration against the imperialist war in Ukraine took place in Berlin Wedding.

The activities for the Women's Struggle Day began this year with an evening demonstration.

The EU summit taking place today in Versailles is discussing, among other things, how an energy supply without reliance on Russian resources could be achieved. Around 40% of gas supplies currently come from Russia, which is to be drastically reduced - around two-thirds less gas is to be procured from Russia this year.

Norway reports that Kampkomiteen raises the slogans ”Combat and resist!” and ”Combat violence against women!” in a statement calling out for the 8th of March titled ”Ut på gata 8. mars!” (Out on the street 8th of March!)