Kampkomiteen and other revolutionaries have marked the 8th of March together in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Kristiansand. Activists from multiple cities as well as comrades from abroad contributed to raising the red flag on the 8th of March against imperialism and patriarchy.

In Oslo a demonstration was held, where music was played, the slogans ”Combat and resist!”, ”Combat violence against women!” and ”Down with Russia’s war of agression against Ukraine!” were raised. A speech by the Red Women’s Committee from Bremen contributed to the demonstration.

The demonstration went from Karl Johans gate to Youngstorget, where it joined the 8th of March Committee’s event. Along the whole way slogans were chanted like ”Wave upon wave – blow upon blow – against imperialism and patriarchy!”. ”Fight back – crush the patriarchy!”, ”Up the International Solidarity!”, ”Russia, NATO, USA – hands off Ukraine!”.

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NO 8 mars

In Kristiansand Kampkomiteen together with other organisations in the 8th of March Comittee arranged multiple activities the week before for the event for the 8th of March. A meeting was held with the Kvinnefronten in Bergen, who spoke out against the mutilation of women in Africa. The film ”Ingen vai tibake! Aktivisme mot kjønnslemlesting i Singidaregionen, Tanzania” was shown. Flags were painted and flags and buttons were sold to raise money for the activities for the 8th of March. The main slogan of the 8th of March Committee was was also painted.

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On the 8th of March itself in Kristiansand Kampkomiteen raised the slogan: ”Combat violence against women!”. After which there was a common gathering with free soup and the film ”Så er spørsmålet: Hadde de råd til det før og?” was shown and a conversation with Kaisa Suckow Hansen about her film on poverty and psychological health. The event was concluded with music from students from musikklinja på Vågsbygd videregående skole.

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In Kristiansand posters with the title ”Out on the streets on the 8th of March” calling against violence against women. Poster in honer of female communist leaders.

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In Vennesla posters were hung up for the 8th of march in honer of female communist leaders.

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In Bergen this year the 8th of March Committee in Bergen organised an event under the slogan ”For the full emancipation of women!”. Activists from Kampkomiteen participated. The red flag was held high and slogans were chanted against patriarchy, international solidarity and against imperialism. After this a demonstration in front of the library under the slogan ”Combat violence against women!” in collaboration between Kampkomiteen, Revolutionære Kommunister and NKP. Speeches were held at the demonstration and after a banner with the slogan ”Combat violence against women!” was hung up.

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In Bergen at Møhlenpris, Høyden and Solheim posters were hung up calling for events at 19:00 at.

Valborg Platous plass. Poster of female communist leaders were also put up, and the slogan ”For a class line in the women’s movement!” and a hammer and a sickle was spotted on Danmarksplass.

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In Trondheim Kampkomiteen started a demonstration for the 8th of March with appeal and slogans by the 22th of July Monument in Tordenskjoldsparken. The appeal focused on the context of this year’s 8th of March with increased poverty, prices rising, and sharpening rivalisation between the imperialists. Violence against women was also brough up, and SIAN’s attempt at appropriating the day to spread hatred against muslim women.

After the demonstration Kampkomiteen participated in the event organised by the 8th of March Committee. The proletarian revolutionaries chanted the slogans: ”Combat violence againsr women!” and ”Combat and resist!” as more people jined the block chanting ”Up the international solidarity!”, ”Wave upon wave – blow upon blow – against imperialism and patriarchy!”, ”Wipe the tears, cleanse the fists, combat and resist!, ”Don’t let them divide us, unite to fight!” and ”Stop violence against women!”.

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In Trondheim the slogan: ”Proletarian feminism for communism!” together with a hammer and sickle in accordance with the 8th of March was spotted.

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A march for the 8th of March, the International Women’s Day, was held in Tampere. The march was attended by a wide range of various people and organisations. In spite of bad weather over a hundred people took part in the demonstration. Anti-imperialists slogans were chanted against imperialist wars, which were joined even by women standing on the side lines of the demonstration, who got emotionally effected by the demonstration, expressing their support. Some people who passes by the demonstration decided to join it.

The red block of the demonstration had brought with them a red banner to the march, reading: ”Down with the imperialist wars!”, spontanious anti-NATO cries could also be heard over the demonstration.

The march also featured a speech by the red block at the Central Market from Brazil of the MFP, which said: “ A great example is how the most deprived and oppressed women in Brazil fight which gives their struggle a revolutionary perspective, a vision of the New Democracy. ”

In the speech the red block also took a strong position on the situation in Ukraine, condemning both yankee-imperialism as well as Russian imperialism.

Regarding the Russian invasion, we say: We want to support the Ukrainian people, and we demand that the Russian military leave Ukraine!”

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In Stockholm a demonstration was held on the 8th of March. Revolutionaries could be seen holding a red banner with the slogan: ”Proletarian feminism, for communism!”. Red flags with a hammer and sickle were also present.

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