The NATO summit of member states' defence ministers held on Wednesday the 16th of March again decided not to send soldiers to Ukraine. Poland had advanced a proposal to station an armed NATO peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. This proposal was rejected by the other defence ministers because the danger of an escalation of the situation was too great.

In other words, the NATO countries, above all the only imperialist superpower, the USA, do not want to provide a reason for becoming a possible target of attack themselves. This has few humanistic reasons, since the USA wages many wars, but rather they know that they are not in a position to win a 3rd world war. Moreover, their current interest is not primarily to be involved in a war in Eastern Europe. The current target of Yankee imperialism's desire is in the Indo-Pacific region, that is where they want to concentrate. The other NATO countries follow them, on the one hand because they have to, on the other hand they also have their own political interests in this conflict. No matter how many emotionally charged speeches the Ukrainian President Selenskyj may make and how much he may beg for help, the NATO countries persist in their position.
Instead, new weapons are being delivered to Ukraine. According to Canada's Foreign Minister, it remains a secret how these weapons enter the country, because Russia is threatening to attack these weapons deliveries. After all, an attack on its own people would also make it more difficult to justify why NATO countries are acting so seemingly passively and would not serve the goal of keeping the war in Ukraine.
But the NATO countries also know that a third world war is possible as a result of the inter-imperialist contradictions. That is why they want to start a "reorganisation of the defence structure", which means that more NATO soldiers are to be stationed in the Eastern European member states. In addition to a higher level of alert, there are plans to deploy material and to position permanently stationed aircraft carriers and submarines at sea. All this does not seem very de-escalating, since NATO stresses that it is essential to prevent a war in which it is involved. But with this tactic, Yankee imperialism continues to push its NATO expansion in Eastern Europe (see picture) and, thanks to its dependence on arms supplies, has Ukraine under relative control without making itself a target for possible attacks.