The activities for the Women's Struggle Day began this year with an evening demonstration.

Around 300 activists and revolutionaries gathered at Leopoldplatz on March 7 around 16:30 to ring in this year's Women's Struggle Day. The demonstration moved through Wedding to Nettelbeckplatz. Slogans were shouted, but they were often drowned out by noise made with cooking pots and spoons. This form of protest is known on a larger scale, especially from feminist struggles in Latin America. The demonstration was welcomed by local residents, some of whom spontaneously banged pots on windows themselves. In this respect, it can be stated that the demonstration fulfilled the goal of loudly and perceptibly shaking people awake for the International Women's Struggle Day. Revolutionaries distributed flyers in and around the demonstration, which denounced the inter-imperialist distribution struggle over Ukraine as the order of the day. Frauenkampftag 8.März Berlin 2022 1

On March 8 itself, a large number of rallies and demonstrations were announced, including a procession through Marzahn under the slogan "Roses for Clara", which led to the monument of Clara Zektin. Some revolutionaries participated with a banner with quotes from comrade Zektin and again distributed flyers against the imperialist war. The participation was joyfully welcomed by the other participants and bystanders, while the leadership of the demonstration, led by the Left Party, tried to diminish the expression and depoliticize the demonstration, for example, by trying to stop the shouting of slogans and claims such as that Zetkin was simply a "humanist".

Frauenkampftag 8.März Berlin 2022 1 Frauenkampftag 8.März Berlin 2022 1 Frauenkampftag 8.März Berlin 2022 1