German imperialism is working on various crisis management strategies. One of them is immigration.


In order to counter the "shortage of skilled workers", the federal government has now reformed a law that bears the sonorous name "Skilled Immigration Act". According to official figures, there were almost 2,000,000 unfilled jobs in Germany last year. The current immigration from non-EU countries to the Federal Republic of Germany amounts to about 65,000 workers.


The government hopes to bring about 75,000 additional foreign workers into the country every year. However, at least 400,000 workers are needed per year. This means that more than twice as many workers are needed as the government plans to import.


What is new about the reform is that asylum seekers whose procedures are already underway will in future have the opportunity to start vocational training in Germany. This is what the rulers call lane changes, but this should only be possible retroactively. This means that those who do not yet sell their labor in Germany get new "incentives" to do so in the future. Thus the policy of "We can" under the aegis of Angela Merkel should finally pay off for the German bosses. For this increases the amount of available labour and inevitably reduces or depresses the price of labour that has been available so far. Means wages down or intensified exploitation.


Holders of the EU Blue Card, the EU residence permit for people from third countries who have completed higher education, should actually be able to prove a certain minimum wage in order to be able to immigrate. These requirements for minimum salaries for starting work in Germany have now been lowered even further. The intention of this measure is the same as the one described above. The same applies to the expansion of the possibilities of family reunification.


Results of a study by VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH, TÜV Rheinland and the TU Berlin on behalf of the federal government also prove that a "diverse" workforce is positive for the company. This study talks a lot about "exchange" and "enrichment", but makes one aspect clear: It probably needs a "diversity management", competencies to deal with possible conflicts. This is the poodle's core, because the working class is repeatedly divided by the ruling class on various (ethnic, religious, etc.) lines. A divided working class is less capable of struggling, and companies benefit accordingly.


If you look at figures on the development of this division, you will notice that the number of crimes against refugees has increased sharply. The Federal Ministry of the Interior recently announced figures that there were at least 45 attacks on refugee camps in the first quarter of 2023 and at least twice as many attacks on refugees as in the previous year’s quarter.