Last week it was confirmed once again that the Irish freedom struggle is far from being "pacified" as a bomb exploded near an police patrol.



In Strabane in the County Tyrone an improvised explosive device, detonated in the Mount Carmel Heights area at around 11pm on Thursday night.


"Certainly given the location of the attack and previous incidents – a strong line of enquiry would be the New IRA.” the Belfast Telegraph cited Assistant Chief Constable Bobby Singleton.


Strabane, along with Derry (Daire or Doire), is one of the towns in Tyrone where the struggle against the British occupiers has reached particular heights.


The crocodile tears of the occupiers and the national traitors should not obscure who is who and that the occupiers recently by low flying British army lynx helicopters in Derry trying to intimidate and harass the local community and that RAF Typhoon warplanes were used in a very similar low flying excessive over Republican communities in Antrim, South Down and East Tyrone, as Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland reported early November.