Due to seven women being killed by male partners in the first three months of this year, a demonstration was called for against violence against women.

Activists from Kampkomiteen on June 15th marched in a powerful demonstration in Kristiansand, condemning the old state for not solving the issue of patriarchical violence against women. The activists were marching with a red banner with the slogan ”Combat violence against women!”.

A slogan workshop was also organised by the activists, where banners, flags, t-shirts and posters were also produced.



Kampkomiteen reports that they have carried out a campaign week against the Russian imperialist war of aggression against Ukraine.

Bergen: Saturday, June 18th a public meeting was organised by Kampkomiteen. The meeting was about the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. During the meeting Russian imperialism was condemned, but a great emphasis was being put on exposing and combatting the extensive militarisation and reactionarisation of Northern Europe due to the war in Ukraine, which the Nordic imperilist countries use as a scape goat to militarise.


Trondheim: Thursday, June 9th activists from Kamkomiteen distributed leaflets in the center of Trondheim where a lot of people usually gather. The leaflets were against the war of aggression of Russian imperialism against the Ukraine.


Kristiansand: Wednessday, June 15th Kampkomiteen held an anti-imperialist action in solidarity with the proletariat and People of Ukraine against the Russian imperialist war of aggression. A speech was held and ropaganda mainly in the form of leaflets were distributed, condemning the invasion of Ukraine, but also the role of yankee-imperialism and of the other imperialist countries in NATO.

A red banner was held by the activists reading ”Down with Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine!”.


Oslo: Saturday, June 11th during a street party in Oslo, Kampkomiteen had raised an anti-imperialist information stand. At the stand agitation against the imperialist war and price increases was done. Anti-imperialist propaganda in the form of flyers and stickers were also distributed. The area was decorated with a banner that read ”Down with Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine!”. A Palistinian flag was also raised.


Tjen Folket reports that a red banner with the slogan ”Long live the day of Heroism!” with a hammer and sickle was hung over a bridge in Trondheim on the occassion of the Day of Heroism which was on June 19th. Red flags with hammers and sickles could also be seen around the city. A banner with the slogan ”Support the Ukrainian People!” was hung over another bridge.





In Oslo on the occasion of the Day of Heroism poster of Chairman Gonzalo were put up around the city.



Punalippu reports on mulitiple red flags being hung around in Tampere.




An event in commemeration of the 140th anniversary of the birth of comrade Dimitrov was held. The event was a joint event between Marxist Study Club and the ”Communist Workers’ Party”.

They discussed current issues such as fascism, imperialist war and NATO, criticized opportunism and underlined the importance of developing the front, learning from Dimitrov.

A little over twenty people from various political backgrounds participated in the event. There was a strong consensus among all the participants about the need to join together in the fight, despite differences in views, organizations and other things. The occasion was a political success and as such a tribute to Comrade Dimitrov.



A propaganda action was carried out in a proletarian neighbourhood of Greater Copenhagen in support of the LCP, the Proletariat and Brazilian People.

A red flag of the LCP was waved and propaganda meinly in the for of leaflets were distributed. The leaflets reported on the general political situation in Brazil as well as particularly on the persecution of Lenir Correia Coelho, the recent landoccupations in Bahia as well as the Penha massacre.