After German EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen went to Ukraine's Butsha last week to see the effects of the war for herself, she fuelled the Ukrainian government's hopes of quickly joining the EU.

Over and over again since the start of the Russian war of aggression, Ukrainian President Selenskyi had asked or begged to finally be accepted into the circle of the "European family", as von der Leyen called the EU during her visit. So far, this request has not been heard. But quite press-consciously, von der Leyen then handed the president the questionnaire at the joint press conference, which is to be the basis for the upcoming talks on Ukraine's EU membership. She also promised that this time it would not be a process lasting years, as is usually the case with accessions, but rather a "matter of weeks"; the EU Commission would present its assessment to the European Council by the summer and would support Ukraine in filling out the questionnaire every day until then. Whether these are not all empty promises to Ukraine's ruling class to keep them in a war mood will become clear in a few weeks.
Until then, the Ukrainian government will have to be satisfied with nice and emotionally charged phrases from top European politicians, which Ursula von der Leyen and EU Foreign Affairs Commissioner Josep Borrell did not spare during their visit. For example, an EU embassy was reopened in Kiev, it would again become clear "that Ukraine exists, that there is a capital, a government and representations of other countries", said Borrell. The visit of the European delegation, also in persona led by German imperialism, clearly shows how attempts are being made not to be drawn into the war, but to keep the country under its influence. Also by referring especially to the masses who are exposed to the war and pay with their lives, von der Leyen. They, according to the bourgeois politician, would hold the "torch of freedom". There is no doubt that the people in Ukraine do hold the "torch of freedom", e.g. the readiness to fight against Russian imperialism, but also against their own government was shown by the numerous people who built Molotov cocktails and who will not surrender (we reported).