In Galicia, proletarian revolutionaries carried out actions on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the TKP/ML. Thus, dazibaos were hung up and paintings were made, especially with the slogan "Long live the people's war in Turkey!" decorating the streets of Galicia.

In the midst of the class struggle, the TKP/ML was founded on 24 April 1972 under the leadership of comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya and the People's War was ignited. Comrade Kaypakkaya had been leading the struggle for the implementation of Maoist principles since the 1960s and it was on this basis that the TKP/ML was founded under his leadership. Only about a year later, on 18 May 1973, Kaypakkaya was assassinated after months of torture because he refused to cooperate with the reaction.

Now, in the 50th year of the party's foundation, actions are being developed all over the world, and the actions developed in Galicia also line up with this.


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