On February the 6th Kampkomiteen marked the Day of the Same People in Kristiansand together with other organisations to express their solidarity with the Same people and to condemn the reactionary Norwegian State’s treatment of the of the Same people. After the demonstration a social gathering with multiple speeches were held.

NR 22 feb 1

Tjen Folket Media reports that Kampkomiteen on February the 15th participated in demonstrations against high electricity prices in Bergen, Trondheim and Kristiansand. A banner was held with the slogan ”Combat the high electricity prices!”. The people in the demonstration expressed deep anger against the Norwegian politicians and especially aginst the current government.

NR 22 feb 2

In Bergen Kampkomiteen participated in a demonstration with red flags and a banner with the slogan ”Combat the high electricity prices!"


NR 22 feb 3

In Trondheim activists from Kampkomiteen participated with red flags”

In Kristiansand 200-300 people participated in a demonstration on the city square. Music was played, many held torches or posters and flags. Kampkomiteen participated, holding red flags. Click HERE for a video.


A call for a march for the 8th of March, International Working Women’s Day, was published on Punalippu. It call for a broard march under the slogans: ”Long live the past, the present and the future Heroes of the Women’s movement!”, ”Long live the international Women’s movement!” and ”Fill the Streets 8.3.2022!”

A statement by the Maoist Committee in Finland was published on Punalippu titled:” LONG LIVE THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE PORK MUTINY!”

The Maoist Committee in Finland writes: ”100 years ago, on February 2 nd , 1922, the expedition of the Red Guerrilla Battallion of the North, known as the “Pork Mutiny”, was initiated. It was a short but valuable expedition that ended one week later, on February 10 th . It was named after Speeches that were held standing on top of pork fat boxes, and also as the masses suffering from the worst poverty got more pork after expropriating it. The Rebellion originated at a log site in Lapland near the Russian border. It was shaped into practice by Jahvetti Moilanen, the political commissar of Battalion, who was appointed by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Finland. The Glory of the Rebellion is not in the slightest dimmed by the fact that that person later capitulated to Finnish nationalism…”

At the end of it’s statement are the slogans: ”Long live the Pork Mutiny!”, ”People’s War until Communism!” and ”For the reconstitution of the CPF!

Recent developments in the strike of the UPM workers is that the company has made a recilculous attempt at breaking the strike of the UPM workers who have now been striking for over 7 weeks. Punalippu reports that the company tried to bribe the workers, who have now been striking for more than 7 weeks, into breaking the strike with pizza gift cards for Kotipizza, even though the workers have decared they will not stop striking until their demands are met. Punalippu calls for all revolutionaries to support the strike as their strike represents the Finnish workers as a whole, and if they give up it will open up for more blows by the Finnish bourgeoisie against the working class of Finland.


Luggage workers went on a strike in Copenhagen airport on Saturday 12th to Sunday 13th. Socialistisk Revolution reports that during the beginning of the pandemic and the crisis of overproduction most luggage workers were fired in mass to save capitalist profits. But now with the ”opening up” of the country and the increase in commercial flight, many have been rehired. The workers however, have not returned to their old conditions, the bourgeoisie has taken the opportunity to get rid of all local rights, conqoured by the workers, made shifts more inconsistant and decreased the hourly wage by 10%. As a result the workers went on a strike, that was quickly after declared illigal by the Danish State.

Although the workers eventually were beaten down and the strike was short lived, it represented a moral victory within the general breaking of the corporativistic ”Danish Model” as also represented by the strikes of the nurses last year. So-called illegal strikes have increased over the years and are an expression of the worker’s will to rebel against the old system as their conciousness grows. Their strike also hit the bourgeoisie economically as their expected profits from this year from airflight is now already short from their expected goals.