Comrades from Punalippu (Red Flag) reports that on the 8th of March a manifestation was made in Tampere. While the bourgeois politicians and the bourgeois press, tried stop any demonstrations from happening, a contingent of proletarian revolutionaries stood firm and held a manifestation in central Tampere, held high the banner with the text ”Against imperialism and patriarchy” and ”For a revolutionary women’s movement”. A speech was held on why it is more important than ever to wage struggle on this day and to combat the reactionary and chauvanist measures of imperialist Finland

On International Women's Struggle Day there were also numerous demonstrations and rallies in France.

Already before, on the 5th of March, there was an unregistered spontaneous demonstration at a feminist demonstration in Toulouse. Despite a previous ban, the women and men decided to go through with the demonstration, which the police prevented with tear gas and violence. In addition, 43 people were arrested.

On the occasion of the International Women's Struggle Day, proletarian revolutionaries from Berlin participated in a demonstration in Cottbus.

France's "Casino" supermarket chain was in court in France last week.

France's Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin recently called for the dissolution of the fascist youth organisation "Génération Identitaire" (GI), the French offshoot of the Identitarian Movement.

A Mahlsdorf private school is making headlines for its connections to fascists and Holocaust deniers. In 2019, for example, Nikolai Nehrling, a videoblogger, was a guest at one of its theater performances, long after he made headlines as a diligent fascist propagandist and was fired from teaching. Most recently, he relativized the Holocaust at Dachau concentration camp, where many communists were tortured and murdered, andmade appearances at Querdenken demonstrations.

As we reported earlier, France is in thefight against so-called "Islamism".  But this is not only happening nationally, but also internationally.