We document a picture send to us, of a grafitti from Berlin-Schöneweide, which appeared on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrick Engels:

After the powerful protests and struggles against the police in France in the last weeks another case became public that shows an lawful practice concerning arrests. So, a woman was arrested on the 12th of December during a demonstration against the law of „global security“.

We share a video from French comrades:


The comrades at Kommunistiska Föreningen (Communist League) reports that proletarian revolutionaries in Gothenburg have made paintings in honor of the fallen comrade Joselo, from the Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun.

We document a photo of a grafitti in Berlin Gropiusstadt on the occasion of the 200 annerversary of the birth of Engels.

Malung zu 200Jahre Engels Berlin Gropiusstadt


We document Photos of actions in Berlin on occasion of the day against violence against women.



In Tampere posters honoring the fallen comrade Joselo from the Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun was spotted.

After Poland's rulers, in alliance with the Catholic Church, decided on a de facto ban on abortion, resistance is growing.