The comrades at Kommunistiska Föreningen (Communist League) reports that proletarian revolutionaries in Gothenburg have made paintings in honor of the fallen comrade Joselo, from the Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun.

In Stockholm the general attack on the proletarian neighborhoods in Järva, is escalating on multiple fronts:

The local news website Nyhetsbyrån Järva reports that the police used drones on Thursday, where they claim the purpose of “Crime Prevention” and to investigate any crimes committed, theresidents were not even notified of the surveillance. This is a tactic they also use in a large degree in demonstrations, such as they did against demonstrations earlier this month, in a large area of central Stockholm.

Also is reported that on Thursday a meeting in the Rinkeby-Kistas borough council (local state council), decided to close two state-funded youth houses in neighborhoods Rinkeby and Husby, despite much protest from local youths. Benjamin Dousa from the bourgeois party Moderaterna (The Moderates), who is chairman of the council, justified the decition by saying: “Taxpayer money must not be used for a hang-out space for young criminals”. The argument is that the houses are unsafe, which is an opinion not shared by the masses living in the neighborhoods, and that they support organized crime, while these same politicians complain that youths are hanging out on the streets, as they are taking away one of the few places it was possible to meet in Järva.

Kommunistiska Föreningen reports that residents in Husby are demanding better living conditions, against the slumlord company Hembla. The residents are complaining about problems with ventilation, water damage, mold and bugs. There is dissatisfaction with the sale of state-funded housing to slumlords, which is a problem that is having a big effect on many neighborhoods of Järva, where most of the masses are poor migrants, who have very little money to spend on necessities, and so the state and the slumlords see an opportunity to increase their exploitation of these masses even more.


Punalippu (Red Flag) reports that actions on the International Day Against Violence Against Women were spotted in Turku and Tampere. Many different actions were done: banners, leaflets, posters and street paintings, which is showing the further development of Maoist forces in Finland.








Kampkomiteen (The Struggle Committee) writes that they held a demonstration in Kristiansand against the new abortion law in Poland, with multiple other groups. Also posters were hanged on the International Day Against Violence Against Women, raising the issue that the Old State is not able or willing to do anything about these problems.

Norwegian State Television (NRK) reports that the use of surveillance drones will be implemented in all of Norway, and approximately 100 police officers will be trained in using them. In Agder, where the police has done trial use of drones, a missing woman was found with the assistance of the drone, so the bourgeois media use this as a positive example of the drones, but of course this is just to distract from the main reason, which is to use the drones to spy even more on the masses.

Also NRK  writes that a man has been fired from the Swiss elevator company Schindler, because of his participation in struggles against the working conditions, it is only three weeks after an other worker who was also active in the struggles, was fired.