The evening of the 16. of January, about a dozen policemen went to a proletarian neighborhood in Elsinore, some of them with helmets and rifles. Why? Because there was reports of 10 youths creating an “unsafe atmosphere”.

France's gendarmerie has problems. The number of applicants has been declining for years. That's why an agreement between the French employment office "Pôle Emploi" and the gendarmerie was already signed on the 4th of July 2019, shortly after an information event was organised to which the unemployed were then invited with their advisor.

Since the 1990s there has been a "tradition" in working class neighbourhoods in France of setting cars on fire. Especially in the years when there were fights with the police, this also became a common part of the struggle of the masses there. This year, when the bourgeoisie tried to stop the masses from fighting by imposing curfews, which also applied on New Year's Eve, again many cars were set on fire all over France. Among others in Strasbourg where dozens of cars were set on fire and clashes with the police took place, injuring many policemen and arresting 40 people, including minors.


Comrades from Kommunistiska Föreningen (Communist League),reportsthat on occasion of the 127 year of the birth of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung, paintings with the slogan “LONG LIVE MAOISM!” were seen in multiple neighborhoods of Stockholm, also some in Turkish and Spanish, as well as several places in central Gothenburg. Also in Gothenburg paintings were seen in support of the People’s War in Turkey and honoring the fallen comrades. Interestingly it is reported that revolutionary paintings also were seen in Växjö.


The Norwegian Military is increasing its military presence in Northern Norway and the incresing hegemony of yankee-imperialism, is also making Norwegian imperialism closen its ties with the USA, and allow it to have a ever-increasing military presence in Norway, especially Northern Norway, where there is a direct border with Russia.

France had planned a lot, especially new laws directed against the citizens and especially against those who do not want to submit to the state of emergency and the increasing repression. For example, there was a talk of making it illegal for outsiders to be in university buildings. This would have made fighting in the universities almost impossible. However, this law has now been overturned by the Constitutional Council.

We document a picture send to us, of a grafitti from Berlin-Schöneweide, which appeared on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Friedrick Engels:

After the powerful protests and struggles against the police in France in the last weeks another case became public that shows an lawful practice concerning arrests. So, a woman was arrested on the 12th of December during a demonstration against the law of „global security“.