France, the Republic of Equality, Liberty and Fraternity, has committed many crimes in its history.

As a colonial power especially against the peoples of the world, today as a warmonger in mainly African countries. A country where France was not a colonial power, but maintained good diplomatic relations with the then Rwandan head of state Juvénal Habyarimana. When, after his death in 1994, the massacre of the Tutsis began a few weeks later, France agreed to intervene. However, with moderate success. 500,000 to 1,000,000 Tutsis lost their lives. In the French-controlled areas, major killings were probably prevented, but Hutsi militias were also helped to flee or were not prevented from doing so. In order to now objectively and scientifically examine all of this, Macron had opened the state archives to selected scientists. The private holdings of the then French President Francois Mittérrand, however, remained under lock and key. The scientists were supposed to use them as a basis for a report on France's role in the Rwandan genocide - even if the term "whitewash" would be more appropriate here.
And so the report also comes to the following conclusion: France had indeed had an "political, military, diplomatic, administrative, intellectual and ethical failure in dealing with the genocide", but there was no discernible complicity. A very deluded view if you read the report:
"Is France an accomplice to the genocide of the Tutsi? If by this is meant a willingness to participate in a genocidal operation, there is no evidence of this in the archives examined. Nevertheless, France was for a long time involved in a regime that promoted racist massacres. It remained blind to the preparation of genocide by the most radical elements of this regime. It adopted a binary view directed, on the one hand, against the "Hutu ally" embodied by President Habyarimana and, on the other, against the enemy designated by the RPF [Rwandan Patriotic Front] as "Uganda Tutsi". It was slow to break with the Rwandan transitional government that carried out the genocide and continued to place the RPF threat at the top of its agenda," the report said. "The enquiry therefore finds a range of responsibilities that are both serious and overwhelming."
So it's all half-baked.
However, this is now countered by a recent report from Rwanda which clearly states that France did nothing to prevent the genocide, even if they knew it was planned.  Even if France was not directly involved in the massacre, there is a suspicion that France undertook this mission primarily to support the Hutsi government of the time.