At the end of July, France's President Macron visited the French overseas territory of French Polynesia. Although the country has its own constitution and parliament, it still belongs to France. Far away in the Pacific, the French military used the area for testing nuclear bombs. Between 1966 and 1996, 193 nuclear bombs were detonated above and below ground.


The Maoist Communist Party in Turkey (MCP) has released a statement in defense of Chairman Gonzalo's life.



Once again, more than160,000 French people took to the streets last weekend to demonstrate against the tightening of the Corona rules. Calls for "freedom" and calling French President Macron a "tyrant" were heard.

In May and June alone, a total of 109 journalists were charged in Turkey, four of them were convicted, and five other journalists were physically assaulted by the police. Although the number of imprisoned journalists is decreasing and the government is introducing more liberal reforms, according to the report by Expression Interrupted, freedom of the press and freedom of expression in Turkey are not in good shape.

Since fewer and fewer people are getting vaccinated against the Corona virus, bourgeois politicians feel compelled to threaten to tighten Corona measures for the unvaccinated. The reason for this is said to be the threat of a new "wave" of contagions in autumn, even in the face of rising infection figures.

The bourgeois French government has decided that proof of a negativeCorona test or a full vaccination will become compulsory if people want to go to the cinema, museums or other places with more than 50 people, for example. From August, this obligation will also be extended to visits to cafés, restaurants and large shopping centres.


A painting was seen in Greater Copenhagen commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, with the slogans “100 Years for the founding of the Communist Party of China!” and “Unite under Maoism”.


A manifestation was held to show solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil, was held at a square in central Tampere. The manifestation also called for the freedom for Ezequiel, Luis Carlos, Estefane and Ricardo, who have been imprisoned by the old Brazilian State.