The Maoist Communist Party in Turkey (MCP) has released a statement in defense of Chairman Gonzalo's life.

They report in the statement that Chairman Gonzalo's health is deteriorating. The helpless Peruvian state is pursuing a "natural execution" by isolating him in captivity for a long time and keeping him away from necessary treatment.

Because of this fact, they are calling for the creation of an emergency committee because, as they continue:
"The fact that his rights as a political prisoner and as a human being have been usurped is a message to the international communist movement and to the CPP, the line of resistance of President Gonzalo, who refused to go to the hospital to protest against the Peruvian state, which did nothing despite his serious health problems.

We call on the Communist Party and the groups that work for the Maoist Conference of, and all communist forces that refer to the Maoist line as the basis for their political existence, to demand with one voice the life and freedom of President Gonzalo and to be firmly held accountable to the imperialist system, especially the fascist state of Peru, when the great communist of this millennium dies.

For the life of President Gonzalo, we call on all continents to immediately implement protests and actions of all sizes in a simple to complex style without bureaucracy."

The full statement can be found here: