A painting was seen in Greater Copenhagen commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, with the slogans “100 Years for the founding of the Communist Party of China!” and “Unite under Maoism”.


The prices of basic necessities have increased a lot in the last year, for example over 12 months the price of wheat increased 37%, sugar 40% and sunflower oil by 65%. This recent spike can be attributed to increased prices in necessities on the international trade market and increased demand due to difficulties in cross-border purchases in Sweden, which has a large effect on Norway, since it is very reliant on food imports, only producing 40% of its of agricultural demand.

Norway may be a rich country, but as any other imperialist country, those riches mainly reach few a the top, and it is the second most expensive country in Europe to buy produce in. This means that changes in food prices significantly increase the cost of living for the masses and this meanwhile an economic crisis is ravaging. Prices are expected to increase further throughout 2021, as food suppliers will renegotiate higher costs for the large supermarket chains.


The comrades from Kommunitisk Förening report that a few months ago a video circulated of a man laying down while he was hit repeatedly with a baton. The incident took place in the proletarian neighborhood of Rinkeby in Stockholm and shows an incident where the police chased a car for a short while, and after stopping and apprehending both the driver and passenger, they started beating and pepper-spraying them. Now an internal report by the police itself, has concluded that they committed no offenses and therefore will get no consequence. This is the standard procedure by the department of internal affairs, the police almost never face any consequences no matter how they act.