Since fewer and fewer people are getting vaccinated against the Corona virus, bourgeois politicians feel compelled to threaten to tighten Corona measures for the unvaccinated. The reason for this is said to be the threat of a new "wave" of contagions in autumn, even in the face of rising infection figures.

To counteract this, Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (CDU) now held out the prospect that "definitely more freedoms" would soon apply to the vaccinated than to the unvaccinated. (Restrictions for non-vaccinated possible). Among other things, a tougher contact restriction for the unvaccinated is being discussed. It would also be legally permissible to deny access to restaurants, museums or stadiums, even if the unvaccinated visitors could show a negative test.

The bourgeois parties reacted immediately:
CDU leader Laschet, who is also the Union's candidate for chancellor, rejected the proposal - he does not like compulsory vaccination or exerted pressure on the unvaccinated.
FDP deputy leader Kubicki spoke of an "introduction of compulsory vaccination through the back door" - "clearly unconstitutional".
Top candidate Wissler (Die Linke) also spoke out against compulsory Corona vaccination.
Only the prime minister of Baden-Württemberg, Kretschmann (Die Grünen), said that he could not rule out compulsory vaccination forever, e.g. for day-care centres. Nevertheless, vaccination should remain voluntary for the time being - even if it is a "civic duty".
Only Lauterbach, the SPD's health expert, took a positive stance on Braun's plans - he sees no other option than access restrictions for the unvaccinated in the face of rising infection figures.

In general, a rejection of compulsory vaccination is no surprise among the bourgeois parties, even among those who have so far supported the measures and their regular tightening. After all, federal elections are in less than two months and the election circus has already begun. A new discussion of the tightening of the state of emergency and its possible implementation could trigger displeasure in the parties among many people, so the parties are doing everything they can to ensure that as many people as possible put a cross on their ballot paper. However, once this election is through, the opinion of the bourgeois parties on direct or indirect compulsory vaccination will certainly change.