On the 12th of June, numerous actions against the deprivation of liberty and right-wing extremism took place across France.


Tjen Folket Media brings a debate article, on the strikes of public workers, that are happening on the bi-annual wage negotiations (in lieu of the bi-annual general negotiations, taking place other years), between the union and the employer.

At the end of April, a draft of a new intelligence law was proposed by the government in France, which was amended with further articles a few weeks later.

We are publishing here an unofficial translation of a poem and its text which was published on La Cause du Peuple.



On the 15. of May a manifestation was held in front on the Brazilian embassy in Helsinki, with a banner with the slogan “Solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil!” in Finnish and “Long Live LCP!” in Portuguese, together with a LCP flag.

In France, too, there were numerous activities of the Jeunes Révolutionnaires, which we would like to present here.

As reported there were actions made around the FRG on Nakba day.