On the 12th of June, numerous actions against the deprivation of liberty and right-wing extremism took place across France.

More than 1,200 actions in more than 140 towns and villages brought tens of thousands of demonstrators onto the streets to march together against "right-wing ideas". Among others,revolutionary activists also took to the streets to "(...) denounce the link between the French bourgeoisie and the rise of fascism, and the tendency towards imperialist war." For this purpose, banners were carried and leaflets were distributed denouncing the bourgeois state.

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Rennes: "Wars, fascism, the bourgeoisie is our mortal enemy"

As reported by the comrades from France and what can also be seen in the media of the French bourgeoisie, many bourgeois parties took the opportunity to grab votes for their electoral circus. The comrades denounce the fact that these same bourgeois parties and their candidates for the regional and departmental elections to be held next week supported the demonstration of the police a few weeks ago. This demonstration called for more powers and tougher police action. Among the police in France, the serious majority is in favour of the "right-wing" Rassemblement National party. Which only highlights the duplicity of the puppets of the bourgeoisie and shows that the bourgeois elections are a circus spectacle, do not serve the masses but the bourgeoisie and the elections cannot stop the reactionarisation of the bourgeois French state but is part of the rule of the bourgeoisie and imperialism.

Not only in France but everywhere, the bourgeoisie is forced to curtail the democratic rights of the masses by passing reactionary laws to ensure that its rule remains unchallenged. At the same time, "right-wing extremists" are strengthened who, with their demanded fascism, are also on the side of the bourgeoisie and serve it. Because fascism and bourgeois democracy are two sides of the same coin: the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Therefore, bourgeois democracy cannot and does not want to put an end to the existence of fascists, because, on the one hand, they are useful to it in the oppression of progressive forces and are therefore covered by them, and at the same time, they serve as a dark contrast that makes its "democratic values" shine brighter and the contradiction between the oppressor and the oppressed appear smaller.