In Stockholm a demonstration supporting the struggle of the Palestinians for national liberation was held and proletarian revolutionaries were seen participating. The comrades show their proletarian internationalism by participating in the just struggle and putting forward that only the proletariat with its party, can lead the struggle for national liberation to success.

The comrades at kommunisten.nu report on the new spokesperson for the Center Party, Réka Tolnai, made a video on the LAS agreement. In the video she states that “We don’t want a law that protects 45 year old Britt-Marie, that has been sitting in the break-room for several years, instead of hard working youths. Goodbye LAS!”, thereby she justifies an attack on the central clause of the LAS agreement, the “First in, last out” principle, that the longest working employees can only be fired last, and casts a stereotype that the older workers are lazy and the reason for youth unemployment. As the article from Kommunisten states, this is like the Sweden Democrats who blames immigrants for the problems of the proletariat, but here instead the older workers are blamed taking all the jobs. The abolition of LAS would simply mean the increased freedom for the capitalists in firing and hiring people as they please, using fabricated splits in the working class to terrorize the workers.

This in the end affects all proletarians in Sweden, as the possibility of getting at least some job security is a demand for the entire class, and also, even young people tend to turn old one day, thereby also benefiting from being able to keep their jobs. It is very difficult for older workers to find new jobs, and such a policy would bring many old people to destitution, forced to a life collecting bottles etc. to get by, a reality seen in nearby countries such as Germany.



A painting has been discovered in Oslo, in support of the League of Poor Peasants (LCP).

The Struggle Committee has made an article calling to support Mustafa Hasan in his struggle against deportation from Norway, the comrades calls to show up to the manifestation before the trial and that awareness should be made about the excuses the Norwegian state is making up to justify the deportation.



In Tampere a painting was seen in calling for the freedom for Luis, Carlos, Estefane and Ricardo, who were arrested in Brazil.


The Prime Minster of Denmark Mette Frederiksen, has during a debate in the Danish Parliament the 2. of June 2021, stated that “(…) it becomes more difficult to distinguish between what is Faroese and Greenlandic responsibility, and what is Danish responsibility”, in line with the opening speech of the Danish Parliament in October 2020 she held, that more direct control from Denmark is needed, in the foreign and defense areas in the arctic territories it possesses. This shows the struggle of Danish imperialism in keeping control of its colonies, especially as the Greenlandic Parliament moves to act more independently in foreign matters, and that the Danish government is expressing intent to take concrete countermeasures to keep its direct grip on Greenland.



Greenland, which for a long time had limited corona-virus infections, has now seen an increase in the capital of Nuuk. The new infections are now found among the workers, working on the extension of the runway at Nuuk Airport. Therefore the Epidemic Commission has created a quarantine zone around the construction site and the camp where the workers live, where no one can enter or leave. The workers already work 11 hours a day, six days a week and now they are trapped in the temporary camp, even though they all have been tested negative, they are kept isolated as a “precautionary measure”. Now the leader of the Epidemic Commision, Cheif of the Greenlandic Police, Bjørn Tegner Bay, says that there are “worries over the layout of the camp” leading to the outbreak there, suddenly the living conditions of the workers at the airport construction is something to be discussed, but only when it the problems inside have the potential to spread to the bureaucrats in the capital. Pictured is the entrance to the quarantine zone.

One of the two special members of the Danish Parliament delegated from Greenland, Aki-Mathilda Høegh-Dam from Siumut, has made a press statement about the “Community of the Danish Realm”, to not give Greenland sufficient autonomy, in an article named “There is no Community of the Danish Realm, only Danish supremacy”. She points out that for example, that the law of self-governance from 2009 states that Denmark and Greenland are equal parties, but that Greenland does not exercise sovereignty on its own or in a equal cooperation with Denmark, but is subjected to Danish sovereignty.

Now this is in fact correct, but Aki-Mathilda Høegh-Dam discounts the role of the Greenlandic Parliament and Greenlandic Administration as one of two halves in the subjugation to Danish Imperialism. The Greenlandic Parliament is not an institution which represents the interests of the Greenlandic people, but represents the bureaucrats that sell out their own people for the benefit of mainly Danish Imperialism. Aki-Mathilda’s party Siumut has been the consequent ruling party of Greenland since the law of home-rule was introduced in 1979, with the exception of the period 2009 to 2013, and now since the election on 23. of April 2021 where the self described socialist and separatist Inuit Ataqatigiit took power for the second time. So the party that has had the biggest part in shaping the Greenlandic “Home-rule” and later “Self-governance”’s relationship with Denmark, now pretends that it is against this very system, when it has shown no contest or remorse in its country-selling politics in the past. They play into the circus of parliamentarian cretinism on Greenland, by taking on its new role as opposition for the (at least) next four years, having to find new ways to gain voters on a path paved with inaction and radical rhetoric.

So what she and Siumut does, is to pretend that the just struggle of the Greenlandic People against imperialism, mainly Danish imperialism, is the same as the conflict between the bureaucrats on Greenland and Danish Imperialism, with a fraction of the Greenlandic bureaucrats wishing to open up to sell their country to other imperialists directly.

Why should the toiling people of Greenland care who their new local bureaucrats are, and which imperialists they sell their country to?

In lighter news, the four police patrol boats ordered for various locations on Greenland have faced a major setback in the delivery. The shipyard in Fåborg, Denmark, was on fire, decimating a warehouse and administration building, which inevitably means delays for the delivery, for how long time will show. It is good to smile when the plans of imperialists are hindered, even if only temporarily, because it shows that this big beast is vulnerable to even such small occurrences, and that if under the conscious leadership of the proletariat, the national liberation for Greenland is not so far fetched, that imperialism is only a paper tiger, having to walk a narrow line to keep up to speed with its oppression of the third world.