On the 15. of May a manifestation was held in front on the Brazilian embassy in Helsinki, with a banner with the slogan “Solidarity with the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil!” in Finnish and “Long Live LCP!” in Portuguese, together with a LCP flag.

Signs condemning Marcos Rocha and Cisneiro Pacha were held up.

Furthermore in a proletarian suburb of Turku, actions were also made in a support of the revolutionary peasant movement in Brazil, banners were held up and leaflets distributed. Discussions were held with the masses on the reactionary nature of the Finnish government and the absurdity of the upcoming election circus there, in the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

On the 22. of May a demonstration was held in Turku in solidarity with the struggles in Palestine against the occupier Israel. Slogans in support of the national liberation of Palestine were shouted, and also the role of Finnish imperialism was denounced, with its support for Israel and its sale of arms used in the occupation. The police attempted to use the excuse of corona to limit the demonstration to an arbitrary 10 people, but the masses diligently marched in the face of police harassment, making it a demonstration of the power of the anti-imperialist movement in its support for the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people, in the spirit of proletarian internationalism.



A manifestation was held on the 28. of May, in front of the Brazilian embassy, condemning the criminalization of the struggle for land and the reactionary plans of a massacre against the poor peasants of Santa Elina.

Banners with the text “Down with the criminalization of the struggle for land!” in Danish and Portuguese, and “Support the struggle of the poor peasants in Brazil” in Danish were held up in front of the embassy.

Flyers regarding the situation were distributed and a speech was held condemning the genocidal plans of the old Brazilian State. The participants yelled slogans in Danish and Portuguese in solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants.

More on the case of internet cable surveillance has surfaced, that Denmark in secrecy has assisted the USA in surveying the government and state apparatuses of Norway, Sweden, Germany and France, by wire-tapping the internet cables running through Denmark, filtering data based on phone numbers. All of this was done as a part of “Operation Dunhammer”, the scope of the cooperation, between Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste (FE, the Danish Military Intelligence Service) and the US National Security Agency (NSA), was investigated in secrecy by a small group in FE, in order not to alert the NSA of the investigation, which resulted in the Dunhammer Report in 2015. The details of this report has now been shared by the press by nine different sources with access to the secret report.

The sources say that a highly advanced intelligence gathering system has been installed, in cooperation with the NSA, which makes it possible to make systematic extracts of internet traffic based on specified search parameters, the sources say that this system is the “crown jewel of the FE”.



In Stavanger a demonstration supporting the struggles of the Palestinian people was held, with around 400-500 participants, proletarian revolutionaries were present and throughout the demonstration slogans were shouted energetically and songs were singed.



The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland has released a study that it is likely that a mountainslide will happenin the Karrat Fjord and create a tsunami, but that it is not possible to determine the timeframe. This has to be seen with the context of the recent tsunami on the 17. of June 2017 that ravaged the area, also due to a mountainslide. The worst case scenario predicts a tsunami 5-7 times the amplitude of the tsunami in 2017, not just affecting Nuugaatsiaq and Illosuit, but all 8 settlements in the Uummannaq estuary.

The consequences of the tsunami in 2017 are still affecting the masses from Nuugaatsiaq and Illosuit, who were evacuated to Uummannaq, the main village in the area. Many of the around 200 evacuated wish to return to their home, in the now abandoned villages, but this has not been possible.

Naalakkersuisut (The Greenlandic Parliament) claims that the evacuated residents are free to return, but refuses to reestablish water, heating, food shipments and other public services, making it practically impossible to live there. Thereby the colonial government finds a way to exploit these catastrophes, by using them to support their own plans of closing the small villages and moving the masses into the larger settlements, in order to make the administration cheaper and support the further development of bureaucratic capitalism. Which it seeks in order to become a semi-colony, so that the bureaucratic capitalists may sell their country to the highest bidder, showing no regard to lives of the toiling masses.

Parallels can be drawn to the closure of the Qullissat settlement, where the around 1400 residents were relocated in 1972, after the mine in Qullissat was closed. To this day many of the relocated residents still have immense social problems, after being forced away from their home and livelihood.



Another paper factory in Sweden is now being announced closing, this time the Nordic Paperpulp mill in the grease paper and paper pulp mill in Säffle, expecting to fire around 20 workers.In the press release this is argued to be an “environmentally friendly” decision, but without explaining how importing paper pulp for paper production is more sustainable, than combined pulp and paper production. Just like Stora Enso, Nordic Paper already operates at a high profit rate, gaining 458 million Swedish kroner in 2020, but seemingly seeks to line the pockets of its investors (mainly German capital), by destroying the livelihoods in a small town, with the highest unemployment rate of the entire Värmland region at 12,3%, for migrant workers the rate is even higher at an astounding 42,1% (statistics from July 2020).