France is at the top of the list in Europe when it comes to the femicide rate.

Now another murder of a woman has been reported. And this despite the fact that she sought help but was turned away. Back in September last year, a woman in Rennes separated from her husband, filed for divorce and filed a complaint with the police against her husband for domestic violence. But the complaint was dismissed by the local police. Now the woman has been found murdered. The perpetrator: her ex-husband.

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"A woman will be killed every 48 hours"

This is not an isolated case in France according to a spokeswoman of an organisation against domestic violence. According to her, up to 90% of complaints of domestic violence in France are not pursued by the police. And this despite the fact that there is a serious problem with domestic violence and femicide in France. And this despite the fact that President Macron has cast himself as a great feminist who wants to work for "gender equality" worldwide.  What he trumpets so loudly through the world, he nevertheless does not even manage to achieve in France. In France, for example, 146 women were killed by their (ex-)partners in 2019, more than 40% of whom had previously turned to the police. Then in 2020, the femicide rate dropped abruptly, yet 90 women were still killed. The figures for 2021 have not yet been published, but again it is assumed that the state of emergency is life-threatening for many women. Although the state of emergency and the curfews imposed as a result have reduced crimes such as burglary and robbery, cases of rape have increased by 11% and domestic violence by 9%. And presumably these are only the cases that the police actually prosecuted - so the number of unreported cases is, as always, higher. France, by the way, does not see any connection between the state of emergency and the increase in violence against women, but rather an expression of a stronger self-confidence among women who, since the "Me-Too" movement, would dare more to report the acts of violence.  Nevertheless, work is now to be done to implement a paper that was already passed one and a half years ago. Among other things, it provides for the confiscation of weapons belonging to people who have attracted attention because of domestic violence. However, women's organisations doubt that there is a difference between this paper and the decrease in murders of women.