In France, anti-Muslim racism is widespread, that is no secret.

In particular, the bourgeoisie and its representatives try to incorporate this chauvinism into laws and regulations again and again. Especially thefight against the headscarf of Muslim women comes up again and again.  As early as 2004, veiling was banned in schools, then in 2010 garments that cover the face were banned from public. This still applies now, by the way, when in many places there is a mandatory to wear medical mask in France. Now the next law is being planned, which was approved by the French Senate a few days ago but has not yet been enforced as law. This one says that women under 18 cannot wear conspicuous religious garments that also indicate that they are submissive to men. It is hard to ignore that this is particularly about Muslim garments and especially the headscarf. But this ban drags a whole rat's tail behind it, because it additionally means that even headscarf-wearing mothers are no longer allowed to accompany their children on school trips, and the so-called "burkini" is also banned from public baths as a result. Now, one can argue about the headscarf, but it is a reality in France, even if Macron and the rest of the rulers do not see it that way, but in contradiction to the "French ideals".

But what will it lead to this "ban on any conspicuous religious signs in public spaces by minors and on any clothing that would imply a woman's inferiority to a man"? Many girls and young women wear the headscarf out of conviction. By forbidding them to wear their religious symbolism, the bourgeois state declares them incapable of making this decision themselves. In addition, there is the suppression of the practice of religion, to which many masses also belong. And the girls and young women who do not wear the headscarf voluntarily? They too will not be able to simply walk out the door dressed according to "French ideals" and rejoice that this ban exists. It is much more possible that these women will not go to school or go outside in any other way. Instead of banning the headscarf, these women will be banished to their own homes. France's alleged feminism, imbued with imperialist chauvinism, is so obviously anti-woman and anti-mass that no further explanation is needed. If it weren't for the law passed in March that gives women over the age of 15 the right to have sex with whomever they want. This only highlights the arbitrary and chauvinistic nature of the new ban.