After the powerful protests and struggles against the police in France in the last weeks another case became public that shows an lawful practice concerning arrests. So, a woman was arrested on the 12th of December during a demonstration against the law of „global security“.

Followed by the accusation she have taken part in a group formed for the purpose of violence, destruction or damage and to have been in unauthorized possession of a category A weapon. With her colourful umbrella, she is said not only to have been part, but even to have led the "black block". The woman was held in police custody for 70 hours and was presented to the investigating judge after 48 hours. During these 70 hours she was forbidden to go to toilette, to sleep and to get in contact with her lawyer. Also the lawyer was not present when she was brought before the judge, even though this is how it is presented in the protocols.

The documentations forbidden by the law, which is criticised mainly because it censors the freedom of the press and is also a free pass for police violence, are, on the other hand, gladly used by the police. For example, an activist has now been arrested after amateur films were published showing him attacking a police men. This only shows once again that this law is only to be used to allow the police to do what they want.