In Tampere posters honoring the fallen comrade Joselo from the Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun was spotted.



Norwegian state television writes that there has been made an agreement in the parliament on the new defence plan. The final agreement affords 400 million NOK more to the defence (war) budget than the original proposal, so that it will mean a total 16,5 billion NOK increase in the defence (war) budget from today. NRK reports that the final agreement concretely adds to the original proposal: more new personnel than the original plan, from 57 to 310 new employees in 2021, replacement of helicopters in 2024, that more tanks will be acquired and marine vessels will be upgraded. The final plan is not yet published, but the proposal from the Norwegian Defence Ministry the following is conclusion on long-term defence, from the 16. of October:

Norway must take into account the high pace of change, increasing lack of prediction and larger complexity also will make a mark on the development on the period 2021-2024. Long term development of a relevant defence requires a combination of prediction and flexibility. It is crucial to create ability to predict on the overall political goals and framework for the undertaking. It takes time to further develop the Norwegian Armed Forces abilities and capacities. The Norwegian Armed Forces must prioritise capabilities that yields the greatest national operational ability, and concurrently make relevant contributions to NATO’s collective defence. (…) Increasing complexity in the threats faced and a defence that will become more dependent on civil support, demands that the civil-military cooperation development is developed holistically. The cooperation on the development of the civil-military cooperation within the framework of the total-defence will be necessary to find good solutions in the future”

On the topic of increased militarization of imperialist Norway, Tjen Folket Media (Serve The People Media) writes that conscripted military personnel are getting their duty extended, from the expected 12 months to 16 months. The Norwegian Armed Forces argue that this will help the shortage of military personnel and will mean a more effective use of the cost of drafted forces, which is 300.000 to 600.000 per person. Interesting to note is that Norway is the only country in Europe, also requiring having forced conscription of women, which was introduced in the name of “equality”. It is clear that Norway is moving towards being a more militarized country.



The tendency of the government on Greenland to push for subjugation to more imperialists, is rapidly developing, and Denmark is with its current policy slowly seeing the development of Greenland turn form a colony into a semi-colony, with sections of the bourgeoisie in Denmark pushing for more firm control of foreign policy and trade policy.

Earlier in the summer we have seen how the USA have opened a consulate general in Nuuk (the only other country having a consulate general is Iceland) and last month Russia announced they soon will name a honorary consul. The newspaper Sermitsiaq writes that [] British imperialism is making its advance by setting up a Greenland Committee with representatives from all UK parties, and with the “think tank” Polar Research and Policy Initiative as the secretariat. The Greenlandic representative in the EU Mininnguaq Kleist states the following: “Greenland is very interested in developing the bilateral relationship to Great Britain in different areas, such as trade, fishing, science, etc., and it is very positive, that there seems to be interest from the British Parliament” This has to be seen in the context of the reports that Great Britain is working on getting fish exported directly from Greenland (and not through Denmark as it is now) to “to ensure enough fish for fish and chips after brexit”, a deal is being worked on to ensure direct export of shrimp to the UK Sermitsiaq also reports.

Sections of the Danish imperialists are very dissatisfied that the Greenlandic government is making trade agreements directly with other imperialist powers, and it is yet to be seen how Denmark will assert its dominance, as the sole imperialist in Greenland and if it will even be able to keep the other imperialist powers and superpowers from changing this. Currently Danish imperialism is planning to increase its police presence, currently by buying new police patrol vessels to be used from 2021.




It has been a big story in bourgeois media that the NSA (Yankee IT-intelligence agency), has not only spied on data of the masses and “dangerous terrorists”, but have also used it to spy on northern European governments. They used this in Denmark to ensure that a multi-billion F-35 fighter jet contract was landed by the company Lockheed-Martin, from the USA. Also the Norwegian and Swedish have commented on this, and how this also poses a problem for their sovereignty, since their trans-Atlantic traffic almost exclusively, travels via cables that are connected to Denmark. Denmark has long had secret, special agreements with the USA, for example also previously having no registration of travelers going through passport control in Copenhagen airport, so that CIA agents can enter Europe on forged passports without a trace, and in the same way having full access to a strategically important country in internet traffic (more than 95% of communications today go through underwater sea cables)

Underwater internet cables connected through Denmark: