On International Women's Struggle Day there were also numerous demonstrations and rallies in France.

Already before, on the 5th of March, there was an unregistered spontaneous demonstration at a feminist demonstration in Toulouse. Despite a previous ban, the women and men decided to go through with the demonstration, which the police prevented with tear gas and violence. In addition, 43 people were arrested.

In Paris, feminist groups and trade unions were among those on the streets. Here, too, the so-called "women's strike" took place to fight the "gender pay gap" and violence against women. Here, the police kept a low profile, but the day before there were physical clashes between so-called "queer activists" and prostitution opponents. The latter were holding a rally and stood on a monument on the Place of Republic with signs demanding that it must be easier for women to leave prostitution and that the bourgeois state must provide more resources for the exit, when the "queer activists" came and wrote on the monument "Save 1 Trans person, Kill 1 TERF" (Protect a trans person, kill a TERF). TERF stands for „trans-exclusionary radical feminist", which means radical feminists who are supposed to be transphobic. Slogans such as "A TERF, a bullet, social justice" were also shouted and violence used against the prostitution opponents. (watch the video)


„To experience tomorrow, you have to fight for today.“

Un violeur a l‘interieur uncomplice a la justice