A Mahlsdorf private school is making headlines for its connections to fascists and Holocaust deniers. In 2019, for example, Nikolai Nehrling, a videoblogger, was a guest at one of its theater performances, long after he made headlines as a diligent fascist propagandist and was fired from teaching. Most recently, he relativized the Holocaust at Dachau concentration camp, where many communists were tortured and murdered, andmade appearances at Querdenken demonstrations.

It is particularly questionable that this case has just now become public. Already in 2013, the "Freie Schule am Elsengrund" was kicked out of the association of the Walddorfschools due to right-wing tendencies in the school management and staff. This did not seem to be a reason for the school authorities to take a closer look at this school. There were enough signs. The Swiss fascist and former Waldorf teacher Bernhard Schaub not only has his children at this school, but also has lively private dealings with the school management. Schaub is a active Holocaust denier and seems to have found a willing public with the school administration. The history of German fascism and the Holocaust are said to have been barely taught, and the diary of Anne Frank is said to have been called a forgery.

Only when a father sent an incendiary letter to the school administration did it take action. The result of this review, however, was only a few conditions, such as "orientation to the framework curriculum," which should be standard. There was no evidence of right-wing extremist influence on students
theysay. This is hard to believe in a school where a brown network has obviously created a retreat for itself in Berlin, which they hate so much. The whole thing is embedded in the growing German private school system, in which so-called substitute schools are predominantly financed by the state, but are subject to less state control. At least in the case of right-wing staff, they seem to be able to take full advantage of this freedom.



"Hello friends" - racial traditional costume friend Nerling at an event of the school.