On the occasion of the International Women's Struggle Day, proletarian revolutionaries from Berlin participated in a demonstration in Cottbus.

Under the slogan "Justice for Rita", the demonstrators demanded the clarification of the death of Rita Ojunge. The fled mother was on 7.4.2019 she disappeared from the camp in Brandenburg, where at the time lived with her children. After the police refused to search for her for a long time, she was found murdered after 3 months. Both the search near her and the lack of investigation into the circumstances of her death show, besides the violence against women, an example of the imperialist chauvinism of the authorities.

They also organized a spontaneous rally, distributing flyers of the Red Women's Committee, which were accepted with interest by some passers-by. Besides these events, Berlin was comparatively quiet, instead of the usual multitude of demonstrations and rallies, this year there was mainly one larger demonstration led by queer feminists. The usual other larger events, mostly dominated by petty-bourgeois feminism, decided to capitulate to the state of emergency this year. So in this time when oppression and exploitation, especially violence against women in the lockdown are particularly extreme and intensified, these organizers are asking to keep their feet still and not to go too much against the status quo.

Here are some impressions of the events.

8.März 2021 Berlin Demo 1

8.März 2021 Berlin Demo 3

8.März 2021 Berlin Demo 2

8.März 2021 Berlin Kundgebung 1