We document a picture of a painting, that was send to us.


As the revolutionary newspaper Yeni Demokrasi reported on 02 December, militants of the TKP/ML have put up banners in Istanbul to commemorate the martyrs who died in the People's War in Dersim in 1997 and 2016. The comrades called with the banners to commemorate the martyrs and to develop the people's war. In addition, a statement was published in which the comrades wrote:

December 3 marks the anniversary of the birth of Chairman Gonzalo. Due to this occasion we document the following video. In 29 years of being a Prisoner of War Chairman Gonzalo held high unbroken the banner of communism. On September 11, 2021, he was killed by the reaction. He would be getting 88 today.

We received a translation of a report by comrades from the Spanish State about actions on the 25th of November, that we want to publish. You can find the original report here.

We like to publish an inofficial translation of an article by the magazin El Pueblo from Chile about informal labour that was sent to us.


We received several pictures of paintings of Chinese Maoist comrades in China near by Beijing Tsinhua University and in the North East Area near by the Fushun factories.

You can find all the pictures here.


Kampkomiteen has put up posters for markations of the International Day Against Violence Against Women, November 25th. Posters were put up in Trondheim, Stjørdal, Malvik and Kristiansand.

According to a statement by the New Peoples Army (NPA), five different actions were carried out against the reactionary Philippine Army last week. The statement said that on Monday 21 November, two actions against the soldiers of the 62nd Battalion of the Philippine Army in Guihulngan were carried out in parallel. A total of two soldiers were killed in this way.