On April 7, Red Herald published an article on the current call of the TKP/ML calling for the boycott of the upcoming elections in Turkey with translated excerpts for the statement. We henceforth mirror the publication made on the website.

We have learned that a new international news website, The Red Herald, has begun its work and would like to contribute to its promotion here.

Since its war in Ukraine, bourgeois media have increasingly reported on how Russian imperialism is doing its evil in other semi-colonies as well. Never looking so closely in their own stables, they reveal much about imperialist oppression in general with unusual critical journalism. For the goals, justifications and methods of which Russia is convicted are the same ones according to which "foreign policy" is made in North America or Europe.

A court case involving right-wing opinion maker and operator of the website "Infowars" Alex Jones revealed just how lucrative the business of political charlatanry can be.

We document a picture of a graffiti in solidarity with the Irish political prisoner Liam Campbell, which was sent to us.

It is located in a busy passageway in the working-class district of Weingarten.

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist. Founded in 1972 by Comrade Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, the TKP/ML is leading the People’s War that is unfolding in Turkey, which is a shining beacon for the oppressed and exploited all over the world. To celebrate this 50th anniversary and to express their support for the ongoing New Democratic Revolution in Turkey on occasion of the anniversary of the death of its founder about 350 people came together yesterday in Stuttgart.

On March 10, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) issued an international call for action, mobilizing “the Maoist Parties, oppressed classes, sections and nationalities of the country and the world [...] to grandly celebrate the anti-imperialist week; raise voice against Russian invasion on Ukraine, expose the conspiracies of the US and demand the termination of NATO; extend solidarity to the anti-imperialist, anti-war worldwide people’s movements; uphold the worldwide revolutionary movements, people’s wars and the national liberation movements [...]“.