Both the EU Commission and the German government, which is currently still in office, have come up with new plans for data retention that go far beyond what they had originally demanded.

Following last Saturdays culmination of the sinister plans of the Peruvian reaction – under the leadership of Yankee imperialism and in collusion with the capitulationist and liquidationist right-opportunist line - to kill Chairman Gonzalo, an immediate call for a joint demonstration taking place a week later went out. Following this call some 150 people came together, including some from other countries, this Saturday in Hamburg to hold high the banner raised by Chairman Gonzalo and to offensively repel all attempts of smudging his image, after he in his lifetime victoriously crushed all the plans of the reaction to do so.

In Reims, France, militants of the TKP/ML have hung a banner for the freedom and defence of the health of Chairman Gonzalo with the slogan "Let's defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!" above a central highway. A statement by the militants said that solidarity actions for the defence of Chairman Gonzalo's life and for his freedom will be intensified.

Recently, the TV channel ARTE released a documentary on the situation of artists in Spain. Since the "Citizen Protection Law" came into force in 2015, popularly known as the Muzzling Law, freedom of expression has been increasingly restricted, especially in the field of culture.

The Partizan Youth Initiative / Marxist-Leninist-Maoist has carried out actions for the freedom of Chairman Gonzalo in four countries in Europe. In Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland, under the slogan "Let's defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!" banners were hung, murals were made and dazibaos and posters were pasted. The report of the comrades with all the pictures can be found here.


The comrades at Tjen Folket Media has shared that actions for the day of heroism were conducted in Trondheim and Gudbrandsdalen, which they have received late.

In the course of a road construction and housing project, a neighbourhood inhabited by Palestinians is to be destroyed in the Istanbul suburb of Basakşehir. After five houses were already forcibly demolished last year, the local government has been starting to prepare a complete demolition of the houses and buildings for a few days now, with intimidation, harassment and threats against the Palestinians living there by dispatched police teams, in order to start the new construction project.

In the context of the protests by Palestinians and supporters all over the FRG against Israel's attacks against Palestine in the recent past, the debate about an alleged anti-Semitism linked to the protests developed again in the FRG.