On Thursday April 13th activists from Kampkomiteen (The Struggle Committee) in Trondheim organised a manifestation in support of the Mexican People. The activists stood with a banner with the slogan ”Support the struggle of the people in Mexico!” and leaflets with the slogan ”The Interoceanic Corridor (CIIT) plunders and kills poor peasants and indigenous peoples in Mexico!” were distributed in great quantity.

No1 180423

No2 180423

Posters with the slogans ”Stop the terror against the people i Mexico!”, ”The Interoceanic Corridor (CIIT) plunders and kills poor peasants and indigenous peoples in Mexico!” and ”Log live Corriente del Pueblo Sol Rojo!” were also put up in the city center by activists.

No3 180423

The Struggle Committee has also published a call for a manifestation in support of Anti-imperialist Action Ireland who are facing house raids by the police in retaliation for their good work on the anti-Biden demonstration on his state visit.

The call for the manifestation was translated into English by international news website The Red Herald as well as other languages by other websites.

You can read the original call here as well.


Comrades from Punalippu reports on top of the recent reactionary national election in Finland that there has been a general rise in masses boycotting the elections in the poorest neighbourhoods.

We have translated bits of the article, which is in Finnish.

When some of the largest cities are examined by voting district, it is noticed that the voting percentage has decreased in many of the poorest districts. Due to changes in voting areas, this cannot always be done one by one, but the conclusions are clear."

"... Above all, it confirms that the election boycott of the proletariat will be bigger than ever in these elections. The proletariat rejects bourgeois democracy and opportunism more and more clearly, and the task of the communists is to unite more decisively with these forces in order to politicize, mobilize and organize them in and for the revolutionary struggle."