After a long time, thousands of people took to the streets again in France last Saturday, 12th of September. The state of emergency and police repression, including bans on assembly, did not stop people from taking their anger and demands to the streets and drawing attention to the fact that the state of emergency and economic crisis is hitting people on low incomes in particular and that access to state aid has become even more difficult. The defense of democratic rights was also an item on the demonstrators' agenda.

In memory of Erol Volkan Ildem (Nûbar) and Fadime Çakıl (Rosa), the TIKKO fighters who had fallen on September 9 in the People's War in Turkey, proletarian revolutionaries hung banners in central locations in Zurich, Switzerland.


We hereby report on some recent developments in the political situation and class struggle in the various Nordic Countries.

After the Greek parliament reveals their plans for building a fence around camp Moria a fire breaks out on 8th and 9th of September. Greek parliament views the refugees as the guilty ones, NGOs disagree and denounce the healthcare, living and security situation in camp. Especially during the Covid19 pandemic the situation for the refugees is a catastrophe.

Five years ago, the editorial staff of the French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo" was attacked by so-called "Islamists" in which twelve people died. On the 1st of September, the trial against the perpetrators began. At that time there was a big campaign of solidarity with the newspaper and the journalists, the slogan "Je suis Charlie" may still have been remembered by some readers. In the name of the bourgeois freedom of press and art, the religious feelings of millions upon millions were trampled underfoot and their justified anger was met with imperialist chauvinism. The fact that this rage was abused by reactionary forces with an attack is not in question.


We hereby report on some recent developments in the political situation and class struggle in the various Nordic Countries.

Past week, Turkish comrades of Partizan Media have uploaded their 2014 Documentary "Guerrilla Four Seasons" with English subtitles to the Web. The 20-minute video was shot, directed and edited by the guerrillas themselves.

This week yet again another series of major police operations took place all over Northrine-Westphalia. This time for the reason of enforcing the Corona-Measures issues by the Government. Under the direction of the Ministry of Transportation the Central Train Stations in Bielefeld, Siegen, Cologne, Bonn, Aachen, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Essen and Munster were occupied this Monday by joint action groups of the Federal Police, the Public Order Office and Deutsche Bahn in order to enforce the “mandatory mask-wearing”.