On occasion of the Women's International Day of Struggle  various cities in NRW manifestations and actions took place. A detachment of proletarian revolutionaries participated yesterday in the manifestation in Wuppertal to which a wide internationalist alliance had called for. In the course of the day a banner with the slogan “Women forwards to the 8th of March” was hung well in sight in one of the proletarian neighborhoods in Essen. Henceforth, some of the images we received:

On the occasion of the murder of Pierre Overney 49 years ago, a lecture on the Gauche Proletarienne was held at the Café Popular. Pierre Overney was a worker and militant of the Gauche Proletarienne. On February 25, 1972, he distributed leaflets in front of a Renault factory to mobilize for an anti-fascist demonstration. There he was shot by a factory security guard.

On the in many parts militant protests at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul against the appointment of the new openly pro-government rector Melih Bulu, the Turkish Human Rights Foundation (TIHV) has published a provisional evaluation report that illustrates how the old Turkish state is expanding and intensifying its repression on broad sections of the people.

Greenland and Faroe Islands

The Joint Arctic Command was part of an international military excercise in Norwegian waters around Bergen, participating with its inspection ship Hvidbjørnen (The White Bear), with military ships and/or submarines from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Canada and Holland.

The Spanish rapper and communist Pablo Hasél is sent behind bars for two and a half years. The reason for this scandalous sentence is solely his lyrics and expressions of opinion.

In Freiburg a graffiti was put up with the slogan "Ni oubli! Ni pardon! Pierre Overney est immortel!" (Not forgotten! Not forgiven! Pierre Overney is immortal!).
Pierre Overney was a militant of the Gauche Proletarienne (Proletarian Left) in France.
While distributing flyers in front of a Renault-factory in Paris, mobilising for an antifascist demonstration, he was shot by a security guard on February 25, 1972.

In the Şişecam factory (bottle and glass production company) in Bursa, glass workers have started the economic struggle inside the factory as a result of the imposition of unpaid leave at the end of 2020 against some employees, while there are to be 64 new hires. In the first days of the unpaid leave, there were collective marches to the factory. For three months now, workers have consistently stopped working overtime.