On their website, the comrades of Sol Rojo from Mexico yesterday expressed their solidarity with the activists in Lützerath in a message, of which a delegation was in Mexico last year. We document below an unofficial translation:

Solidarity with Lützerath!

Current of the People – Red Sun expresses its solidarity and proletarian internationalism with the companions of Lützerath, Germany, who have maintained the struggle of resistance against the imposition of the coal mine that has already affected the lives and environmental, social and economic rights of other nearby villages, and today threatens to displace the inhabitants of that small village. Those responsible for this crime against the people are the oligarchic energy company RWE and the imperialist German government.

A few days ago a police operation began in Lützerath to initiate the eviction tasks against the few remaining inhabitants and against the activists who support this struggle. A struggle, which takes the shape of an environmental demand, but represents more than that: it is the struggle for life and against the depredation that imperialism exercises even against the masses of its own country, and for that reason it must be assumed as a class struggle.

During the Caravan for Water and Life “peoples united against capitalist plunder” held in our country last spring, a group of activists from Lützerath was with us, accompanying the work of the Caravan and witnessing the multiple struggles, experiences and processes of articulation that are taking shape in Mexico from below. Here they shared with us their problems and experiences in talks and exchanges that contribute a lot to all the struggles. The activists of Lützerath have participated as authentic internationalists, listening to the workers and peoples of Mexico and accompanying them in their denunciations against the large landowners, the big bourgeoisie and Yankee and German imperialism that impose megaprojects of dispossession and death.

We condemn the repression that the government of Germany and its false “green party” are exercising against Lützerath and other populations affected by mining and big imperialist industry.

We join the denunciation of our companions of the site Dem Volke Dienen (Serve the People) when they denounce the filth and double talk of the “green party” ... “The problem of the Greens has become obvious today and will become even more aggravated in the coming days of the ongoing eviction. On one side are the Greens: having come into government in 2021 through their influence over the climate protests, "Fridays for Future" and a young electorate, they are the second largest party in the current government. It was Habeck himself who, together with the Minister of Economics of NRW - Mona Neubauer, also with the Greens - and RWE boss Markus Krebber, presented the deal made with RWE in October, praising it at the press conference as a "good day for climate protection." Even the person in charge at the police, the police chief responsible for the eviction, is a Green.“

Stop the eviction in Lützerath!

No to mining!