In the days following Easter US-President Biden visited the occupied six counties and the Irish Free State. During his visit, which was accompanied by massive protests, he emphasized Ireland's role in fulfilling US-Imperialism's political goals in Europe and put forward its economic aspirations

From Tuesday the 11th onward Biden, creating lots of noise, traveled through Ireland making a show out of his Irish heritage (despite meanwhile confusing the “black and tans” with the New Zealand Rugby team “All-Blacks”). Visiting political functionaries throughout the island and giving a speech in Front of the National Parliament . Among the people he had talks with were British Prime Minister Sunka, Irish President Higgins and Irish Prime-Minister Varadka.


In his principal address towards the National Parliament Biden, aside from telling jokes and teary stories about the past, put forward several points important for the agenda of US Imperialism in Ireland, particularly the critical influence it tries to exert through Ireland in Europe and the conditions for US capital export through the country, among others. In his speech he highlights that liquidation of vast parts of the armed struggle by means of the Good-Friday-Agreement 25 years ago paved the way for the influx of US capital to the country. By creating conditions that allowed for an increase of the exploitation of the Irish working class by means of US corporations and capital. Today US-Imperialism is one of the biggest Foreign Direct Investors into Ireland and has a 1 trillion investment and trade volume with the country. Many of the biggest US tech-companies have offices in the country, such as Facebook, using Ireland as a tax-haven and its basis of operation in Europe. Countrywide according to his own words, there are 950 companies that profit from the exploitation of the Irish toiling masses. However, still complaining about the volatile political situation in the occupied six counties he says:


Yesterday, I was in Belfast to honor those who commit themselves to peace, to reiterate the enduring support of the United States for the Good Friday Agreement and Northern Ireland’s democratic institutions, and to help accelerate the enormous economic growth that is opening new futures for young people in Northern Ireland

As I pointed out, there are literally hundreds of American corporations ready to come and invest — invest — but they’re cautious because the institutions are not in place.

We must never forget that peace […] is precious. It still needs its champions. It still needs to be nurtured.“


Not only is campaigning for improving the conditions for US capital to exploit the country high on the presidents agenda. But also the role Ireland plays in the current situation in Europe, particularly in the imperialist war of aggression by Russian imperialism against Ukraine . In the US imperialist plan to draw out and prolong Russia's engagement in the country indefinitely Ireland serves the purpose of providing the Ukrainian army with important and necessary supplies, such as medical supplies and protective gear. In a nation still directly occupied by imperialism Biden in his cynicism invokes the same old slogan of „democracy/liberty vs tyranny in order to justify US-Imperialism's hegemonic aspirations in weakening its sole contending super power, Russian imperialism. In this context also the matter of Ireland's Free State membership to the NATO was raised:


Ireland has stood proudly with the United States and partners around the world for liberty, against tyranny. Ireland has committed more than 170 million euros in non-lethal aid to Ukraine including vital protective gear, medical equipment.

And as a member of the European Union, Ireland is working together with the United States and other partners to hold Russia accountable for its actions, including through significant sanctions and export control. […] Today, we’re more united and more determined than ever to defend the values that make us strong. And I want to sincerely thank you for Ireland’s vital leadership last year in the
U.S. — in the U.N. Security Council.”


Denouncing NATO and any possible participation in it, protests were held in Dublin. Participating were activists of Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland who only days before experienced raids and confiscations by the hands of the reactionary police forces. But nevertheless were not intimidated and came out to protest even after the days of intense Easter commemoration. Easter-Monday marks the anniversary of the 1916 rebellion of the Irish people against the British occupation. An anniversary that is remembered yearly not only by parades and speeches with a large attendance but also by violent struggles confronting the police or loyalist forces.