Amidst the farce of bourgeois elections in the USA revolutionaries realised actions of solidarity in numerous cities for the League of the poor Peasants in Brazil, which is being attacked ferociously by the old brazilian state. We document an overview of those actions.

After the murder of the progressive force, Garret Foster, by an US Army Sargent last weekend masses and revolutionaries gathered to the streets to carry out protests in several parts of the United States.

On June 30, a new national organization to defend working class homes and communities were founded, the United Neighborhood Defense Movement. The statement of the comrades and a report of actions can be found here. We recommend our readers to have a look at this organization.

We'd like to highlight the following video:


Also on Friday and Saturday there were and there are still combative protests in many cities of the USA.

Following the murder of a black man by police forces in Minneapolis, fierce fights between protesters and security forces occurred for the second night in a row.