The US Supreme Court struck down the right to abortion nationwide on Friday 24 June. This immediately leads to a number of states striking down women's abortion rights almost completely. In the same wake, large protests unfolded against this arch-reactionary Supreme Court decision and countless women took to the streets across the country.

On Sunday 02 January, the Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group celebrated Chairman Mao's birthday at their monthly meeting at Southwinds Park in Oxnard, California. About 30 people participated in the event where Chairman Mao's document "Serving the People" was studied. Young children decorated a banner and painted fabric with the words "Long Live Mao!". Activists gave speeches explaining Maoism and calling on those present to participate in local people's struggles.



The military and police once again entered La Merced de Buenos Aires. This time they did it on a war footing, armed and equipped as only they can present themselves before their enemies, in this case, the people of Buenos Aires.

An extreme snow storm hit the south of the United States, especially last week. Texas has been particularly hard hit as the government has taken no action against it. Usually it is at least plus six degrees warm there in February. But on February 17th it was partly minus 18 degrees. The supply of electricity and tap water has collapsed.

The United States has culminated the process of renewing the head of its executive branch of government, with the inauguration of the new president Biden. As is tradition he did the ceremonious oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”, with his hand resting on the bible, the oath to serve the interest of US-imperialism. This was followed by a speech laying the foundation for the politics of the new executive of the USA:

Amidst the farce of bourgeois elections in the USA revolutionaries realised actions of solidarity in numerous cities for the League of the poor Peasants in Brazil, which is being attacked ferociously by the old brazilian state. We document an overview of those actions.

After the murder of the progressive force, Garret Foster, by an US Army Sargent last weekend masses and revolutionaries gathered to the streets to carry out protests in several parts of the United States.