After the murder of the progressive force, Garret Foster, by an US Army Sargent last weekend masses and revolutionaries gathered to the streets to carry out protests in several parts of the United States.

In Austin, Texas the community, including his fiance Whitney, who is also an important figures in the local protest movement, hold a vigil in front of the congress building. Many speeches were given throughout the night, including by a Tribune Support Committee member. “The minute the pigs got on the [crime] scene,” the member said, “they fucking spun that story, and then the fucking bourgeois media started spinning that story, and we have a fucking responsibility to Whitney, to Garrett – we got to spread the fucking truth!”“

The silent vigil became a spontaneous demonstration, leading threw the neighborhood and „Eric Brown, a fascist-friendly police collaborator, was for the first time kicked out of a protest as the crowd chanted “Act like a cop! Get treated like a cop!”“

On Wednesday the community also came together to to take up the work of Garrett and Whitney, supporting the Austin Direct Action Group, distributing groceries and clothes to the masses.

In Los Angelas, California a vigil was also held next to the city hall, organized by Serve the People-Los Angeles. Combative speeches were given:because he understood the only way to defend people, is with the people, with guns in hand.”

Later the vigil also transformed in to a demonstration, passing the Los Angeles Police Headquarters and the Los Angeles Federal Building, where Graffiti were put up to the wall. At the Metropolitan Detention Center the demonstrators could hear the prisoners inside tapping on their windows and flashing lights in support. At a bridge crossing the Highway 101 a banner, on which “Garrett Presente En La Lucha” was to be read, were hung up and a red smoke pot were ignited.

Police vehicles, which wanted to block the entrance to the highway got attacked by kicks, bottles and stones and where forced to retreat.

In Oxnard, Califonria the Oxnard Revolutionary Study Group organized a demonstration form Plaza Park in downtown to the local Police Station. At the lead banner “A Revolutionary May Come to Die but Will Never Bow, Garrett Presente.” was to read.

At the police station poster an a banner were taped up. “An ofrenda bearing flowers and candles was produced and left in front of the station. A woman recited and dedicated a poem to Garrett titled “Zampoña,” originally written in 1982 by a Peruvian revolutionary. “

From the police station the demonstration marched back to the park were community members mobilized masses to contribute in the struggle against reactionary violence in the imperialist US.

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