The US Supreme Court struck down the right to abortion nationwide on Friday 24 June. This immediately leads to a number of states striking down women's abortion rights almost completely. In the same wake, large protests unfolded against this arch-reactionary Supreme Court decision and countless women took to the streets across the country.

The right to abortion, as it stood until last Friday, has existed in the United States since 1973. The 1973 decision was preceded by a long struggle. Women around the world have been fighting for the right to abortion for over 100 years. The Supreme Court's decision is an attack on self-determination and the right to decide about one's own body. And at the same time, for many women, it is an attack on life and health. Many states, such as Missouri, Texas or Louisiana, do not allow abortions even after rape.

Nevertheless, there are states in the USA that will try to maintain abortion rights for the time being. Among them, for example, California or the state of New York. Women from other parts of the country who can afford it will therefore be able to have abortions in these states in the future. Women who cannot afford it are out of luck. Above all, this shows that the Supreme Court's decision is not only an attack on women in general, but on proletarian women in particular.