We re-publish here an article from Tribune of the People on the occasion of the celebration of Chairman Mao's birthday and the foundation of the Current of the People - Red Sun:

In the last weeks revolutionaries carried out actions in homage to Chairman Gonzalo in popular neighbourhoods in some cities in Bolivia.

We are publishing an unofficial translation sent to us of a contribution by the Mexican comrades.

We like to publish an inofficial translation of a text by the Mexican comrades of People's Current Red Sun that was sent to us.

The militant rap group Ameaça Vermelha from Brazil has released a new song titled “Forjados no Fogo”. We share the release with our readers.

In the 19th issue of Periódico Mural from this month [LINK: Suchen bei „“], the Mexican comrades in a short but important article on page 5 address the question of unity. As what is stated by the comrades there is of some relevance, we use this occasion to publish a translation, that has been sent to us.

We reproduce below an unofficial translation of a contribution made by the Mexican comrades of Sol Rojo on 11th of November.

The comrades from Ecuador from the FDLP and the Committee of the Poor Peasants made a moving video, to hold high Gonzalo thought, which we want to share here. We have unofficially translated the text.