Agents of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) are invading schools in villages and giving lessons to children and young people in Jharkhand state. The villages and districts - many are considered base areas of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) - are Western Singhbhum, Tholkobad, Chhotanagra and Roam, among others. The aim of the police is to force the end of a teachers' strike that has taken place across the state since November 16.


CRPF officers - considered "specialists" in anti-Maoist operations - were summoned by the General Inspector of the Force to invade the schools and continue with the classes "until teachers return to work."

The actions of the CRPF agents seriously undermine teachers' right to strike. But, in addition to breaking the teachers' strike, the aim of the anti-Maoist forces is to raise some prestige that could compensate for the demoralization that the Force has in the region, given their intense participation in repression of peasants and tribal peoples organized by the communists.

Translated from A Nova Democraciaarticle


Following we document an important statement regarding the situation in Syria by the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxis Leninist:


A Brief Overview of the Syrian Civil War

The economic crisis, in which the imperialist-capitalist system continues to make itself felt more structurally each day, leads to the displacement of some stones in the world. Undoubtedly, the “bleeding wound” of the world, the Middle East is at the very beginning of these stones. On the one hand the restructuring moves, on the other hand the fear of the “21st century uprisings age” once again directed the imperialists’ arrows to the Middle East.

Chhattisgarh, India, is currently holding elections to the state parliament. On two days, candidates for the state parliament will be elected in 90 districts. The first day of elections in 18 districts has already been held on 12th November, the next day with the remaining 72 districts will follow the day after tomorrow. The broad boycott campaign on the occasion of these elections by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is flanked by a major military offensive.

According to information from the reactionary Indian press, the CPI (Maoist) has called for "Boycott fake Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha election. Strengthen and expand people's government Speed up people’s war to defeat oppressive regime“ Leaflets and posters were written in rural, poor regions of Chhattisgarh pinned to trees and distributed. At the village level events were held to denounce the elections.

At the same time a great military offensive of the Maoists takes place. There have been at least eight direct attacks by the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army in recent weeks, several of which have been directed directly against the election:

    Explosive attack on the 35th Battalion of the Border Guard; a dead soldier

    20-minute firefight with special forces in Bijapur district

    Explosive attack on the "Central Industrial Security Force" (state, militarized police, task area, inter alia, physical protection of authorities and large production facilities); a dead policeman

    Explosive attack in Kankar district on the border guard; two injured soldiers

    Ambush on police in Dantewada district; three dead policemen

    Explosive attack on bullet-proof, armored vehicle of the 168th Battalion of the CRPF; four dead and two wounded policemen

    Attack on activists of the revisionist "Communist Party of India", who also goes to the polls; a dead revisionist

    Firefighting for three hours between CRPF and 80-90 combatants of the VBGA, armed with heavy machine guns and mortars, were on their way to polling stations; five wounded policemen

    Explosive attack in Dantewada district on CRPF patrol 700 meters from 183 polling station

The actions show how little the situation can be kept under control despite increased security and thousands of cops and military personnel. In order to make the choice at any price, the government has now even begun to deploy helicopter to pick staff and equipment to their respective polling stations, as their safety can obviously not be guaranteed by land. To date, the government has identified around 200 (!) Polling stations as points that can only be supplied with election documents by helicopter.

We are already used to it: wherever the justified rebellion is carried out, the bourgeois politicians and the bourgeois media try to convince everyone that the “problem” is being solved soon, and that the insurgencies are no threat to the old order (what is especially in the case of India ridiculous, considering the recent actions against the Chhatisgarh elections. The provided “solution” are usually lies to confuse and demoralize the people and cold blooded massacres. But then there are other voices that demand negotiations to establish peace.  As recently published by the newspaper "The Hindu" in India, the author realizes that the claims of the old Indian state that the "Maoist threat" is soon extinguished are complete bullshit. He says the bloodshed must end and armed conflict is the wrong method. One should negotiate. What he wants is that the Maoists – and not the old state – lay down their weapons. But that would mean nothing but victory of the reaction. The people's war carried out in India is not looking for fake concessions of the old state, is not satisfied with small successes. It wants to destroy the old, so that something new can arise. Revolutionary violence - in the form of people’s war - is the only method that will lead to victory.


A secret operation made by the State of Israel on November 11 within the territory of Gaza resulted in a large-scale increase in tension in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Zionist troops infiltrated a few kilometers into the southern Gaza town of Khan Yunis and executed one of the leaders of the al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas armed wing), named Nour Baraka, 37. When perceived by the militants of the National Resistance group, the Israeli invading troops began the process of evacuation of the place leaving a blood trail: at least seven Palestinians were executed and several buildings were damaged. A Druze-Israeli lieutenant colonel involved in the operation was annihilated.

With the movement and the response exercise of the Palestinian forces, Israel has started an indiscriminate bombing of the entire Gaza Strip since the 12th, with destruction of hundreds of civilian homes, plantation areas, Academy of Applied Research at the University of Gaza, the headquarters of the Al-Aqsa TV and radio station of the Al Rahma commercial complex and an increase to 14 in the number of Palestinians executed, adding up to more than 30 injured so far.

We forward a statement signed by Jagdalpur Legal Aid Group and Collective, which was also published in Dazibao Rojo, condemning the arrest of Sudha Bharadwaj and the others that are being pursuited by the Indian state.

Last Tuesday, around 15,000 people protested against the ongoing martial law on Mindanao. Martial law was imposed on the city of Marawi last May following attacks by an muslim-nationalist group. Since then, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people, massive human rights violations and murders have been on the agenda. Martial law allows for arbitrary arrests. For this, the mere suspicion and it is also no judicial arrest warrant necessary to legitimize an arrest. Also, curfews and suspensions are imposed by public institutions under martial law.

We forward a video of a public action by the Civil Liberties Committee (CLC). The publication was made by Avani news and also forwarded by Dazibao Rojo. The activists of CLC demand immediate release for the civil rights activists that were arrested around the country.