After the reputation of the old Indian state and its ruling party BJP, led by Prime Minister Modi, has suffered significantly in recent months and especially weeks since the arrest of Varavara Rao and a lot of other activists and intellectuals, in face of the witch hunt regarding the struggles of the Dalits and the countless human rights violations, the opposition is now trying to profit from it. Because 2019 is election year. With that in mind, the incidents are just what any opposition hoped and waited for, because they can easily shift all that is currently coming up against the old Indian state to the Hindu-fascist party. The bourgeois press also complains that the BJP agenda is not democratic anymore, and that efforts by everyone are needed to restore India's “valuable” liberties again. So Modi's party is raised in public to be the roots of all evil in India. The bourgeois press seems to deliberately forget that the BJP has only been the ruling party since 2014 and has only exacerbated the fight against critical voices. "Operation Green Hunt", initiated to smash the ongoing and advancing People's War in India, has been running since 2009. The real root of all evil, of all exploitation and oppression, is always imperialism, and as long as it exists and the ruling classes of India are handled as the Imperialists puppets, the misery will only ever continue - no matter which party is in office.

In the following we publish the statement of Arundhati Roy on the arrests of Varavara Rao and other intellectuals and defenders of the poeple´s rights in India.

"# MeTooUrbanNaxal: Arundhati Roy"

Ever since the arrest of revolutionary writer Varavara Rao and other intellectuals and activists, there has been a new "dirty word" in India: “Urban Naxal”. While the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is officially banned and its members and sympathizers ("Naxalites") are openly prosecuted as "terrorists" or "left-wing extremists", "Urban Naxal" has so far mainly been a battle concept of psychological warfare of the old Indian state.

We publish an english translation of the article that was published by A Nova Democracia website.

Afghan resistance advances to retake new provincial capital

Maimana, the capital of Faryab province, is on the brink to be retaken by the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (aka. the Taliban). The local pro-invasion  troops abandon the advanced military posts while the Taliban advance. The information comes from the very semicolonial "authorities" of the Afghan puppet state.

We publish an unofficial english translation of an article that was published on A Nova Democracia.

Chinese students, activists and veteran revolutionaries held public demonstrations in support of a workers strike at Jasic Technology company in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, southern China. The company, which produces electronic welding machines and mechanical arms, carries out, along with the "authorities" of the municipality, a ferocious repression and persecution against the workers who are more engaged in the struggle to form an independent trade union. 

Today, August 28, the repressive apparatus of the Indian old state has made several illegal arrests of human rights activists across in Delhi, Haryana, Maharashtra and Telengana, as well as illegal raids on several activist’s houses. This grave action of the reactionary state of India must be fiercely condemned, as theyare arrests of human rights activists and defenders based on fabricated accusations. This is a clear attempt to silence the intellectuals who are taking position for the poorest peoples of India and of those denouncing the repressive actions of the state against the people.

Because the cadres are allegedly aging and the Maoists are having difficulties in recruiting educated offspring, the bourgeois press claims that the CPI(Maoist) in India is planning negotiating talks with the old Indian state.

As already done in previous years, the Turkish army this year yet again set ablaze vast areas of forests and agricultural land within the Turkish borders. It is their feeble attempt to burn the woods that supposedly provide cover for the guerilla and to terrorize the local population to drive them away by destroying their livelihoods and make them afraid to support the guerilla.